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Herb Germann

I had not intended to speak at the Board meeting on Monday, but simply stand by my colleagues. However, when the Board circled the wagons and gave uncritical support for Dr. Larson. I felt more had to be said.

Kathy Tietge, was courageous and attempted to inform the Board about serious matters at OCC.

The Board did not listen to legitimate concerns from the Faculty ten years ago when we had serious issues with the leadership of Milton Shaw, nor did they listen Monday. Ultimately, it was the Board of Freeholders who intervened and the Board of Trustees failed to give Milton Shaw a three-year extension. Ironically, from Dr. Larson to Board members they have been blaming Milton Shaw for all sorts of problems since the arrival of Larson. I believe their criticism of Milton Shaw justified our concerns ten years go. What of today?

You are right “Bebop”. I am not the issue. Chairman Thulin, rather then hearing the message wants to kill the messenger. As Board Chair it is his duty to remain impartial, nevertheless, he is simply a Larson- mouthpiece. Unfortunately many Board members are into denial and hardly get a fair and objective assessment from the cast of characters like Larson, Strada, and McGinty who have demonstrated a lack of respect for the faulty.

It would seem to me that a no-confidence vote of 60 to 1 would indicate all is not well and warrant a desire to find solutions and investigate the campus climate in fear, intimidation and reprisals.

What is so objectionable for a call to the Board to objectively investigate a campus in crisis for the academic health and good of the institution? Perhaps the Board desires a faculty in fear. Certainly this appears to be the goal of Jon Larson and the practice of VP Dick Strada.

The Executive administrations are doing great harm to the academic spirit and most important to the human resource of the college, the teaching faculty. Does not a vote of no confidence reveal this? Even if the problems are perception. This alone would warrant an investigation with the goal to improve working conditions and restore a true spirit of collegiality and trust.

I asked the Board to objectively investigate the concerns of the Faculty both Monday and ten years ago.
“Groupthink”, I think so! How can such a request be considered a threat to some on the Board?

Keep the pressure on. Hopefully someone out there may listen and show real leadership, . . . Or, will it take an FBI knock on the door?

Herb Germann
Professor of History 1970 - 2008

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Neither full time tenured faculty nor a union rep was allowed in the meeting but judging from the comments of those who were there, it did not go well. APparently, they will be told this month if they will be tenured (talk about early forecasting for those not even up for tenure for another year or two) and if the powers that be decide they are not exceptional candidates, they get the walking papers. No contract renewal for next year. To add insult to injury, Larson and Strada bragged about new positions opening up which will be posted for 12 month non tenured positions with better pay. The current non tenured people who lose their jobs cannot apply.


Wasn't it great how we all congratulated the newly tenured faculty? Oh wait, King Jon overlooked that.

How about recognizing those employees for years of service? Oh yeah, King Jon forgot to do that too.

Congratulations newly tenured faculty! May you not be the last.......


Could morale be any lower? Is Larson the worst person that any of us has ever been around?

What a putrid waste of time that colloquium was. I am tired of being threatened and tired of having my work and work ethic called into question.

Not sure what happened to the non-tenured faculty, but am assuming that it wasn't good.


An example of the mystery is that College Stats dot org reports OCC as having 515 Full-Time Faculty members:



I am wondering is the 77% based on the 192 (actual number) of Full Time Faculty or is it based on the a most likely
ficticious number reported to Middle States. You might want to confirm the details.


I would contact an attorney with a strong employment background. This must violate hiring laws. The people up for tenure were hired under one set of rules and it seems questionable that you are able to change them at the point of tenure.

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Is any tenured professor(s) allowed to attend the meeting with the non-tenured people? Should a union rep be there for any reason? Larson and Strada are running it and I would guess all the super deans will be there as well so it might be an intimidating session. It'll be interesting to see how they dance around the numbers. 74% to 77%.


Can we all please enter the gym at 9am on the nose? Will anybody really be breaking bread with them?

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You are right. I'm on it....

Been Here, Done This

Don't just wonder whether it is possible. Start contacting colleagues and suggest they read what is on this blog. There is plenty of time to organize against tyranny.

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Ditto, Stupified. In "the good old days" (of last year ??) I'd have said that our non-tenured brothers and sisters would be too understandably scared to stand (literally) with us, but it really doesn't matter now since only 3 or 4 of them can get tenured. I'd like to know what happens to those who are denied tenure? When will they be advised of their standing? Since all faculty does not look at this blog, is it possible to send out a letter via cruiser to all faculty trying to make some type of protest/statement of outrage happen? Who cares if admin sees it? But let's not forget, friends, that the Board passed this idiotic policy without any reservations.


Webmaster, I like the way you think! I wonder if we actually could organize the faculty in time to take a stand at colloquium as you suggested. The members of the board who attend colloquium certainly would hear our message of outrage loud and clear.

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