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I barely passed calculus, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a $1.2 million shortfall in a $60 million dollar budget only 2% of the operating cost?

Where is the financial CRISIS with a 2% shortfall?

who else is there

From what I have heard from the other groups, the meeting will include Larson, Strada, Don Doran, Sara Winchester, and--I think?--Tara Kelly, too. Doran will be there to talk about the genuine need for expanding the student center, even in the current budget crisis. It sounds legitimate.
Everyone else says pretty much what you'd expect.

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Everyone is anxious and worried about tomorrow's meeting with His Royal Excellency. Wonder if Dick will be there and the Deans. I am hoping we will all speak up as a united group. Rumors of RIFS are scare tactics but it's a reality as well. The non-tenured are getting a double whammy here because it's easier to get rid of them. It'll be interesting to see how tomorrows announcements support or really change the information given at the non-tenured meeting in Sept.


Anyone have any idea if Larson is connected to Ritacco in any way?


Fear seems to be the prevailing management tool. The King is trying to get approval from the Board to fire whomever he pleases. Support staff are scared, non-tenured are scared and tenured are even scared.

I have heard that Larson will be looking to de-tenure a full-time faculty member. Nothing like floating "de-tenuring" to scare the faculty.

I sure hope that Karma exists. The King, dick and dick's chick need a serious dose of paybacks...

who else is there

you've got that right. I've talked to faculty members who are afraid to even visit the Save Ocean County College Facebook site; who won't access the gmail account for the FAOCC . . . Meanwhile, I'm also writing this under a pseudonym because I have already been a target, and I just can't afford to die alone, not again.


Everyone else is hiding, tail between legs...

who else is out there?

Thank you, Herb. I miss you!

Herb Germann, Prof. OCC 1970-2008

Elections really do make a difference. The current NJ Governor is waging war on teachers. He wants to eliminate tenure, collective bargaining, and reduce pension and health care benefits. He is no friend of Education. I spoke at the Ocean County Educational Rep meeting a year and a half ago warning teachers, many who have become somewhat complacent, that they will be fighting in the future to maintain tenure, collective bargaining, health care and their pensions. A truism, I did not want top become reality.

The governor’s attack on the NJEA is also an attack personally on us. Teachers are the NJEA. The decisions of the Delegate Assembly, all elected teachers, determine the policies of the NJEA, not staff members.

Last week, Ed Schultz (MSBC) really took on the New Jersey Governor and defended NJ teachers from the outrageous political attacks from the right.
At OCC the Board of Trustees passed a tenure quota policy that is having an absolute chilling effect on the faculty tenured and non-tenured. It is forcing many faculties to self-imposed censorship on themselves. How sad.

The College president and VP Strada violate the law with impunity. The imposition of a 12-month contract (T&E in negotiations) is an unfair labor practice and illegal. The faculty must be united to fight these attacks on the teaching profession, tenure, and collective bargaining.

The most important resource in the teaching profession is the human resource yet the Board of Trustees, Executive administrators, and politicians along with the uninformed public abuse this resource. A month ago I wrote an essay to the OCC Faculty on Tenure because I care about the teaching profession. This is a time for unity and a united stand against the attacks on public education on K through 14.


Herb Germann,

OCC professor 1970-2008

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