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Peanut Gallery

RP: Yes, my friend, you are 100% right in your nom de plume and your comment. We all have good reason to be paranoid. I totally agree about discretion; however, understand that while writing that post I didn't think twice since that particular travesty which seems akin to Vesilits is quite public around campus and most of us, especially those who write on and read this blog, are sincerely concerned and aware of what is happening over in the Russell building. There are others whose jobs are on the line but who are being more low keyed by choice or emarrassment (not that they have reason to be) which I hope is not a sign of acceptance.

Reasonably Paranoid

In response to Peanut Gallery (and addressed to all):

I think it best to avoid identifying non tenured faculty by name. I do not think this request needs an explanation.

Peanut Gallery

First I've heard about the new evaluation policy and the numbers game which is all subjective, but the possiblity of "de-tenure" should give us all cause for concern. So far several non tenured colleagues have been bluntly told their contracts won't be renewed while others like **,was put on some bogus probation status by Dick and the Dean and probably will also be gone after this academic year since the idea is to cut non-tenureds. Call it what it is. Like Karen V, ** and her colleagues are proactively and collaboratively fighting this case. Let's hope that other depts follow this example of standing up to indescriminate targetting of non tenured faculty.


Has anyone noticed that the full-time faculty contract is no longer posted on the Ocean.edu website. I guess that means that it never existed?

Full-timers beware of a new faculty evaluation procedure that will be introduced in May (shock about the timing). Apparently, they are making it quantitative so that they can assign each one of us a number grade and then attempt to punish those of us whose number is too low.

The evaluation will be heavily influenced by committee work. They don't have anything on us because we are good teachers, so they have to find some bogus garbage to try to scare us some more.

The word "de-tenure" was thrown around and they better be careful because, from what I have read on-line, it is illegal to threaten to "de-tenure" anyone.

I believe that many people will be lining up to file suit against King Jon and dick.

Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

Peanut Gallery

BSB: I know this is all serious stuff but your post was priceless. Talking meat sticks? That's the best! Thanks for a much needed chuckle in a sad situation.


So, let me get this right. dick threatens us all with disciplinary action last week if we do not make sure all of our students are on the first-day class list. Today he reminds us that "the classroom experience is the single most important contribution to retention. Please remember that you are a major reason why our students persist toward degree completion."

Really? Faculty do some good at OCC? I thought that we are all just a bunch of interchangeable talking meat sticks who need to be beaten down and reminded of just what losers we are. We are so important to retention that you're going to fire twenty of us.

What a phony piece of garbage the VPAA is. That's your legacy, dick, destroy the college so that you and your king can get rich and wield power. You are a disgrace. Congratulations.


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Peanut Gallery

Fellow Faculty: Please: Let's stand strong and show our support these next two weeks for our non-tenured colleagues who will be learning their fate. Given the odds of retention, there is a high level of anxiety and sadness on campus.Some are even saying that they will not meet with their deans and VeePee Dick while others aren't sure if it is even REQUIRED that they go. This as new 12 month non tenured positions are being posted which they cannot apply for.


There are layers on layers of not "Acting in Good Faith" in this action and a judge and the public will recognize that.


Any action done by this college that will have substancial impact on the greater community of Ocean County and New Jersey can not be done without due process.

There must be a public announcement and a process of research, review and an advertised public presentation must be made allowing for their reaction and input.


Oh and from what I understand that is 5 adjunct teaching slots lost per contract. That will be 5x?????


With 20 people being released for this change and some 5 adjuncts losing teaching slots a judge will demand that this be made and open door and properly researched and reviewed process for the financial impact it will have on the greater Ocean County community during the time of a national financial crisis.


Oh and it can not be a closed door meeting. Since this has financial impact on the greater Ocean County Community. The Board will have to announce and hold a public open door meeting before taking action. If public review is not part of this process> Abbott, Costello and the entire Board are not "Acting in Good Faith."


And a judge will point out that the faculty must be actively involved in the impact study before the materials are presented to the Board.

This is another example where Abbot did not "Act in Good Faith."


It is likely that a judge might side with you if you request a two-year study for such a major change.


Oh and if there is a study it has to be made public and time has to be allowed for review by both the OCC community and the Ocean County community to make their input.

The release of 20 employees and a salary process change will have impact on the county and the taxpayer and they must be allowed into the process.


All of this is a violation of procedure for dealing with the employees and the greater Ocean County community.


The Board is failing in their duties if they have not studied documentation on the greater long-term impact of this contract on both the OCC and greater Ocean County community.

IF it was just rubber stamped, They are in trouble. Think of what the press will make of that.

Anyone of them with political dreams will have a nightmare on their hands.


Has Abbott presented a complete research and impact study to the Board of what the implementation of the 12 month contract means and has it been shared with the union?

This is a major change of policy. As dual community residents (county and college) you have a legal right to have a judge put a halt to the process until such materials are made public.


If you bring this public, the Board of Trustees will be looking for a fall guy(s) to put the blame on for this monsterous act in a time of national financial crisis,... and guess who they will point to?

Can't you just hear even a tea bagger even calling it "un-american?"


I can not wait to hear what a judge and the press have to say to setting up a scenerio where you lay-off county employees (in good standing / without any further cause) in the middle of a national financial crisis under the false labeling of a "reduction of workforce action" and implement a program that gives them no chance of return.

Abbott & Costello and the whole Board of Trustees are going to look like a bunch of Bernard Madoffs in the eyes of the public for their lack of awareness of the impact of actions.


To terminate county employees before exhausting all other options makes a major case for fiscal mismanagement.


Our union has so much "blasting power" in documentation at this moment.

We are a bunch of cowards if we do not finally "pull the trigger" on behalf of the twenty.

There is no good faith from OCC - it will get much worse.

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