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Herb Germann

I had not intended to speak at the Board meeting on Monday, but simply stand by my colleagues. However, when the Board circled the wagons and gave uncritical support for Dr. Larson. I felt more had to be said.

Kathy Tietge, was courageous and attempted to inform the Board about serious matters at OCC.

The Board did not listen to legitimate concerns from the Faculty ten years ago when we had serious issues with the leadership of Milton Shaw, nor did they listen Monday. Ultimately, it was the Board of Freeholders who intervened and the Board of Trustees failed to give Milton Shaw a three-year extension. Ironically, from Dr. Larson to Board members they have been blaming Milton Shaw for all sorts of problems since the arrival of Larson. I believe their criticism of Milton Shaw justified our concerns ten years go. What of today?

You are right “Bebop”. I am not the issue. Chairman Thulin, rather then hearing the message wants to kill the messenger. As Board Chair it is his duty to remain impartial, nevertheless, he is simply a Larson- mouthpiece. Unfortunately many Board members are into denial and hardly get a fair and objective assessment from the cast of characters like Larson, Strada, and McGinty who have demonstrated a lack of respect for the faulty.

It would seem to me that a no-confidence vote of 60 to 1 would indicate all is not well and warrant a desire to find solutions and investigate the campus climate in fear, intimidation and reprisals.

What is so objectionable for a call to the Board to objectively investigate a campus in crisis for the academic health and good of the institution? Perhaps the Board desires a faculty in fear. Certainly this appears to be the goal of Jon Larson and the practice of VP Dick Strada.

The Executive administrations are doing great harm to the academic spirit and most important to the human resource of the college, the teaching faculty. Does not a vote of no confidence reveal this? Even if the problems are perception. This alone would warrant an investigation with the goal to improve working conditions and restore a true spirit of collegiality and trust.

I asked the Board to objectively investigate the concerns of the Faculty both Monday and ten years ago.
“Groupthink”, I think so! How can such a request be considered a threat to some on the Board?

Keep the pressure on. Hopefully someone out there may listen and show real leadership, . . . Or, will it take an FBI knock on the door?

Herb Germann
Professor of History 1970 - 2008


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Patrick Mitchell

At the rate they're going, tomorrow they will abolish the union, the next day they will require all faculty to teach classes starting at 7 am and ending at 11 pm (and spend the time in-between scrubbing toilets), and the day after that tell you that you have to do it all for free, and thank King Jon and the Wee Vee Pee for the privilege.

At what point do you say "No, I don't think so" and bring in the NJEA (or the NEA) to smack King Jon and tell him to sit down and shut up?!

Herb Germann

Again I am attempting to post a brief report on yesterday's Board meetiong but the comments will not post. Is there some reason why the message does not appear?


Pat:Please consider bringing legal representation with you to this meeting.

Isn't there a law against harassment of union officials?

Is this a message to any/all FAOCC officers? Become a union officer and we will harass you?


Ladies and Gentlemen, get a load of this one. dick has charged a couple of faculty members with "bullying" and wants to meet with them! dick! King of the bullies.

He has charged the president of the FAOCC with bullying. Doesn't this charge qualify as bullying as it seems that dick is trying to silence Pat with his charges?

dick...are you getting desperate?


Regarding the mandatory 8am classes, neither the faculty in the school of humanities nor the faculty in health & human performance are being required to have an 8am class.

Why is Math, Science, & Technology being forced to have an 8am class?

Perhaps the answer lies in the make-up of the Executive Committee & Grievance Committee members the majority of whom are from MST.

Yet another example of anti-union animus & a hostile work environment.

dick-you are a disgrace to humanity.

who else is there

Again, thanks so much, Herb.
Like so many other persons of integrity on the OCC campus (both past and present), you attracted the ire of insecure administrators and, therefore, you were dismissed. All you did was ask questions, speak truth to power, and ultimately refuse to back down when you became "inconvenient."
Please continue to post on this site. Your words not only give the rest of us some clearly expressed hope, they also continue to validate all of the contributions that you made to OCC.

Herb Germann



Herb Germann

Good Faith and Obligation to Bargain

If wise people deal with one another in good faith, then most differences can be resolved amicably.

The concept of "good faith" is entrenched in history. The doctrine has been traced back to the Romans with Latin expression "pacta sunt servanda" or, "what is suitable for the good of mankind as to observe the things that parties have agreed upon."

Good Faith - implies an obligation to negotiate in good faith. A duty consisting of two obligations:

FIRST - to Act "in Good Faith. SECOND - the Obligation to Bargain.

The obligation to bargain is positive in nature because it requires the parties to reach a conclusion for a successor agreement. Ocean County College has failed in this mandatory obligation thereby creating a hostile labor relationship, which is detrimental, the mission and goals of the College.

Ignoring “good faith” ultimately will harm Ocean County College, as an institution of higher learning and ultimately be detrimental to a healthy academic environment. The actions of College authorities have jeopardized mutual obligations of trust and confidence necessary in a functional collegial relationship. When good faith is ignored bad faith occurs.

Accordingly, the process of collective bargaining needs to be respected. “Good faith” is about telling the truth. It means employers and employees are not allowed to do anything that misleads or deceives one another.

Good faith means tenure-track faculty should not be barred from tenure by an arbitrary tenure quota imposed without collective bargaining. It means that a 12-month non-tenure/non-union faculty [a term and condition of employment] should not be imposed in violation of the law.

The reputation of Ocean County College has been undermined by the hostile actions of an executive administration. The most important college resource is the teaching human resource. Why would you want to abuse this resource?

ANJCCF desires to see the parties resolve their labor dispute through fair and “good faith” process of collective bargaining and puts forth a “Call for Action.”

Herb Germann, Professor of History OCC 1970-2008
Treasurer, ANJCCF Association of New Jersey County College Faculty
November 7, 2010


Sorry, Herb, I could not find any settings that limit or expand the word count of comments. Thank you for posting here and for your continued support.

Been Here, Done This

There is an extremely important article regarding the consequences of students taking courses on-line in the 11/5/10 national edition of the New York Times. The article appears on page one.

Herb Germann

Why won't my message, an essay of "Good Faith" post? Is there a word limitation? I did manage to post the first i/3 of the message, but the last 2/3 keeps getting rejected.
Please advise.

herb Germann

Herb Germann, Prof. OCC 1970-2008

Good faith in Employment Relationships

If wise people deal with one another in good faith, then most differences should be able to be resolved amicably.

To my colleagues at OCC: This is a time for unity and a stand against the dark forces that are not only, out to break the union, intimidate individual faculty, eliminate tenure, but will also ultimately, be detrimental to a healthy academic environment necessary in higher education.

At the November 5, 2010 meeting of ANJCCF: The Association of New Jersey County College Faculties adopted a motion to support the faculty at OCC. But all of you must be on board. Failure to step up to the plate in confronting the injustice will lead to the destruction of the gains we have made in 40 years; collective bargaining, tenure, Instructional prerogatives, academic freedom, paid health care, institutional pension contributions, and much more. Already these attacks are taking place at Ocean County College in violation of the law.


Where's the rhetoric? It's a simple yes-no question. Are you confident that the decisions and policies are in the best interests of the college? Yes or no.


The Vote of No Confidence taken by the faculty at Luzerne CC is available at the new FAOCC website. It looks like a blue print for what we should be doing at OCC. Check it out!


Patrick: The administration's current "proposal" allegedly has the 5 days per week, 8-4 work hour in it. This new forcing us to take an 8am class is, in my opinion, a way to get this proposal in place without negotiating it. You're right, we cannot be forced to sit in our office under this current contract, but if your classes begin at 8am and end at 3:15 and you live an hour away, what do you do? I believe that's what they are betting on. Faculty will sit there like obedient soldiers in their offices.

The time to vote NO CONFIDENCE is way past due. Otherwise, larson & strada will just keep chipping away at whatever few rights we have left.

Patrick Mitchell

Under the recently expired contract (which is still in effect), administration cannot assign a teaching schedule with a longer than 8 hour day. (Right?) They also cannot make you hold more than 5 office hours. They can assign you to teach an 8 am class, and they can assign you to teach a class that ends at 4 pm (or earlier), but they cannot make you sit in your office all day in between. That is, unless you let them make you. (Aside: how can they keep you there 5 days a week, 8-4, when classes are MR and TF?)

FWIW, I was one of the few who was in favor of a VoNC back in 2005-06, but we were outnumbered by faculty who felt that a VoNC would be bad for negotiations. There was no VoNC, and yet from what I hear the new contract was nothing to crow about. Just do it. It's long overdue.

Buzzin' By

Here are some random thoughts to fight the current decisions and any other rhetoric before it becomes policy:
1. Filibuster. At school and dept. meetings this week, speak up in a loud unified voice about the concerns we express on the blog and refuse to be silenced.Our concerns should trump the same blah blah blah on the meeting agendas. What will they do? Call secuirty? Slap Article Xs on us all? We can be certain admin will hear about it.
2. Attend the Board meeting with some type of petition and if denied access, wait in the hallway and distribute petitions.
3.Openly refuse extra committee work and hours that are not historically a part of our contract; If we don't have a contract, can we picket? I'm not kidding.Can they fire all of us?
Just a few ideas to make a statement and publicize our plight.Maybe it's not perfect but at least it's a start.


and the last time that there was a VoNC, it was Hubbs and Strada who got the vote to pass so that they could oust Shaw and replace him with Larson. How did that work out for us?


Stand up & vote No Confidence. How is that rhetoric?it's the beginning of the faculty taking a stand but every time it's mentioned, dick lobbies all of the administrative apologists, who then start a campaign to undermine the significance of the vote, further scare the faculty, & squash the vote itself.

The leadership is there. The time for the VoNC is now. That's not rhetoric, it's action.


We aren't cowards, we just lack vision and motivation. How are we supposed to "stand up" behind rhetoric? What is the plan that we all can take specific actions to support? Where are the leaders who are organizing the enegery and effort of the faculty body?

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