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crushed peanut gallery

Stupfied you are on to something, I have decided not to attend.


I don't think the meeting is mandatory. People likely want to attend out of curiosity, but I think the faculty could send a powerful message by simply not attending.

That message, "You are an ineffective leader. We don't respect you at all. We only listen to you speak when we are compelled to by contractual obligation. You are a failure."

I'm not going.

crushed peanut gallery

SO: Oh OK. I did hear about that "certain person" --Admin's Darling, their Golden Girl --- reading that proclomation denouncing us as disgraces. I didn't hear that the list would go "upstairs." only that she thanked by name those who attended, mostly adjuncts to whom her allegiances are with along with their union bosses.The soon to be dethroned Queen Dean had to know about it but was too scared to admit it or to do the reading herself that was probably written by the King's speech writer, but who really cares? Where in our contract does it say we have to attend functions? Maybe that's what King Jon will be dictating to us. Oh wait...we don't have a contract!!! The stress of not knowing what next week's meeting is about is something none of us need at the end of the semester. Hang in there, all.CPG

Swamp Ophelia

Crushed Peanut: No,it was not the deans. A certain someone was allowed to chastise the faculty of the School of LA for not attending a program of events. Threats were made that a list of attendees had been compiled and would be sent to the King and his footman. Faculty were denounced as an abomination and told they had no excuse. Certain someone had prepared this diatribe in advance and read it out. Queen Dean opened the meeting with this. Dean Apparent had no knowledge of it, clearly.

crushed peanut gallery

JL's "invite" seems almost like it's not mandatory to attend. Then again, why would he call a meeting the day after classes end? If it were updates on budgets or initiatives (More RIFS??), then why the secrecy? What was the "administratively sanctioned bullying" at the SLA meeting? More directives? Threats? Belittling? The two deans have turned out to be two faced disappointments and clueless. If they were bullying, be assured it came from a higher place.This is all disheartening and I agree we should focus on feeling pride at commencement.


Swamp: heard nothing about PERC decision. Does anyone know?

The meeting on the 17th is curious. Does Larson gather us all together to tell us what pieces of garbage we are in his eyes? I don't get it.

Are you an IG fan? Great obscure reference...

Swamp Ophelia

People are here. Good. I heard that the union lost re: the full time non-tenured positions. True ? And what is the meeting King J has called for the 17th about? Someone must know. Deliberate cruelty again to not tell us what the meeting is about. Just when the end of the semester was in sight... Can't the union sue over this whole pattern of harassment and psychological bullying of the whole faculty ? And what about the administratively sanctioned bullying that went on at Wednesday's School of LA meeting ? Say what you know, folks.

who else is there

As much as I have come to hate the policing mentality that now surrounds our commencement exercises, I still hope that we can all feel justifiably proud of the terrific job that WE did when we witness hundreds of students graduate this month.
The President and all of his VPs and all of the rest of them will preen on the stage and take the public credit. But we know, and the students know, who was really there for them! (even if most of us never, ever get invited to the annual Leadership Conference and therefore never receive the official administrative imprimatur that we have mattered . . . )


In your wise words, Studpified, I hear a "pure, high note of anguish," to borrow the fine phrase Barbara Kingslover used in pointing to the heightened humanity people might gain from their own undeserved suffering. We are indeed kindred spirits.

Your closing two paragraphs speak the rawest of truths. At Wednesday's meeting, however, we heard nothing of the sort. We heard, rather, that we must work on PR so we are not regarded as just a "few troublemakers," we heard that our leadership is now breaking breakfast with Larson, and we heard that Strada's recent "academic bullying" memo was actually directed toward administrators.

Such "positive" gestures have the air of delusional sentimentality. If I am wrong in this, then we could have even more cause for concern, given the career trajectory of faculty who play ball with Larson.


Bebop, I'm not your adversary! I am your colleague and kindred spirit. Like many at OCC I'm simply weary of the negativity coming from both faculty and administration.

I believe that the faculty's negativity is a direct, understandable response to an impossibly hostile working environment created purposefully and maliciously by OCC's administrators.

I also believe that the only aspects of the situation that the faculty has the power to control are our emotional and behavioral responses. We can choose to act and feel differently in the midst of these trying circumstances.

I do not believe that the new FAOCC 2nd VP is suggesting that we crawl our our knees begging for a contract regardless of the costs. I simply did not get that message in his email. I did hear him entreat us all to show a strong, unified front.

Wee King Jon and the Duke of Dumb are both mentally ill. Neither has the capacity to respond to or even understand rational, civil discourse. There is no human on this earth who will be able to negotiate with either of them because of their cogntive and emotional dysfunction.

Contract negotiations are not one of my top priorities. Instead, I'd love for all the faculty to come together in a fully unified way to form a plan to get rid of the president and his lacky. Then perhaps we could negotiate a contract with intelligent, rational, educated, and mentally stable professionals instead of the bumbling idiots who currently call themselves our superordinates.



If getting a contract is the narrow motive driving your readiness to try something new, consider walking backwards around the mountain. It's better than dropping to your knees and crawling.


Since when is asking a few questions being divisive? I appreciate the job that all of the out-going members of the FAOCC did, too. I am questioning why anyone, especially a new, incoming officer, would suggest that the faculty is to blame for the negative atmosphere.

I am also willing to wait to see what happens. What other choice do we have? I hope that the new leadership sits down with the administration tomorrow and hammers out a contract that we can all live with. Hope that's not too divisive.


C'mon now BSB and Bebop... talk about divisiveness. A labor union requires solidarity to function properly. It does not require that we all agree with every idea/statement that every union member says or writes.

I have nothing but respect and gratitude for the outgoing executive committee for their service, and still I am ready to try something new. We can't keep walking around the same old mountain and expect a different outcome.


Lesson #1 for the new FAOCC Leadership:

When you want to be taken seriously, avoid extolling the virtue of solidarity in the same communication that suggests the contract impasse is due to the divisive character of your predecessors.

The steaming crock of irony that OCC has become could do without this lastest contribution.


Did anyone scratch their head yesterday after reading the email of the incoming second VP of the FAOCC?

It seemed conciliatory in some places and was also contradictory. Is the faculty to blame for the hostile environment? The climate has changed so we need to negotiate, but Larson would like to see an end to tenure and the union.

I haven't been to every union meeting in the last 5 years or so, but I do not recall ever seeing this guy at a recent union meeting. What's going on? I guess that we will find out tomorrow, but we gave enough of our contract away the last time. We cannot afford to give more away...

crushed peanut gallery

Best advice indeed about focusing on our students. They are why we are here and the rest is BS. We should be better than that. As far as dick texting, isn't Miss Manners head of the Civility Committee? !!!Hang in a few more weeks, dear colleagues.


dick's boorish behavior shouldn't surprise anyone. Does anybody recall dick texting at our campus-wide faculty meeting a few months ago? And it's the faculty whom dick will be deeming civil or not.

FNG:We all feel your pain/anguish about OCC. Focus on student outcomes. We can work for dirtbags and still have a positive impact on our students. It's the only thing that gets me through these semesters.

On a much lighter note, rumor has it that dick has to go with King Jon to his doctors' appointments! Won't the proctologist be shocked to find dick when he examines Jon!

who else is there

I've recently had a long conversation with one of the riffed administrators . . . who is FINALLY about to consult a lawyer regarding a discrimination suit against the college. When I heard her story, I was shocked at how bad it actually had been, including the creation of a bogus paper trail. It seems so obvious to me that illegalities occurred, probably to each and every person who was terminated. But I guess that each of them feels alone, under a microscope, afraid to risk their funds and reputation while they are sure to be defeated in the end. The level of callousness and cruelty on the part of certain administrators--Strada, with boorish and indifferent conversations (texting the entire time of the "interview", big surprise)--and Larson, who to this moment in time has never even spoken to or responded to messages from this employee--is almost beyond understanding. Does anyone have connections to the press? At this point, the glare of public opinion needs to be more strongly focused on this whole episode.

Been Here, Done This

OK. You are exhausted. Longing for the past is not going to bring it back. Look at the two most recent posts on the Facebook site, "Save Ocean County College." Tyranny can be defeated. Determined action on our part will make a difference. It is happening at Brookdale. Tyrants feed upon our sense of hopelessness. Make them fight and sweat and fear our will to defeat them.

Forgotten, Not Gone

I'm beginning to truly hate it here. This used to be such a great place to work.

Sorry, just needed to vent.

crushed peanut gallery

BSB: I would have to guess that the "administrative" tasks we do are a part of our job/responsibilites as faculty and are in our contract. They are what most faculty in other colleges do in terms of committees and such. On the other hand, new 10 month non tenure faculty are the ones being screwed because they are required to do what the rest of us do AND do other purely (and by definition) administrative tasks. That's probably a strategy so they won't fit into any of the unions on campus ----adjunct, fT, admin.


There is a bill moving through the CT legislature that would declassify unionized faculty members as administration if they perform a certain percentage of duties that are classified as administrative like participating on committees or college governance. My guess is that Larson, Strada and Hubbs are betting that a similar bill will make it to NJ and then there goes the entire union.

The only problem that I see is the bogus college governance structure.

crushed peanut gallery

SAG: You are right and the RIFS were cited as the reason for the non faculty positions. Performance based reasons were used for the non tenured group that is not being renewed.I would hope the unions representing those affected will do some homework and question its legality.On the ethical side, though, are the non tenured people who have to sit back and see the 12 month jobs posted, not be able to apply, and hear all about them at department meetings. I am surprised after reading the job description, that anyone applied for those jobs.21 credits each semester with 7 hours of office time and admnistrative tasks that the rest of faculty do not even have to do. Are these people going to be a part of any union? How can a job be part teaching and part administrative? I know these quesitons have bee raised before but it just boggles the mind.


By definition a RIF has to be a "total elimination of a job or a position." To restructure it and post it immediately with additional duties will be seen unkindly in the eyes of the courts. Usually, an employer will wait a year before attempting such an action to cover their actions. If they have said that this was a RIF action, it will have to be judge solely as such. You can not claim it was "performance based" when declaring a RIF.

peanut gallery

Dear O: And I assume we are not getting plush Fieldcrest in the toilettes?

Absolutely right about the RIFs. Unless they chalk those up to performance how can the college justify rehiring? I'm not sure which jobs you are referencing but the 12 month track ones are ridiculous. As they are interviewing candidates the faculty they threw under the bus plod on. Disgraceful. Hope they all file legal actions.

What is really disturbing are that some of the new postings are brand new positions with layers of management.Go figure.

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