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There must be a lot of truth to the rumor, because a whole negotiating team could not have been that dumb.


Yes, we can vote "no".

buzzin by

BSB,I think there is some validity only because I heard that circulating around but I don't know for sure and it could be heresay. It would explain a lot about the details of the contract though. Is there anything we can do about it at this point or will it be back to the drawing board for two years?


Is there any truth to the rumor that the FAOCC president "negotiated" the new contract proposal herself?

Crushed Peanut Gallery

Did anyone else wanna gag during JL's shizophrenic remarks? New buildings, increased tuition, registration down, articulation agreements with some third rate university in China, new hires, faculty are wonderful (can't you tell from the fabulous contract?) new positions and something about reigning in expenses? Something for everyone. Between the new deanlets, disappointing contract, and general climate on campus, I'm not feeling the love this semester.

Crushed Peanut Gallery

OK I admit I have not read the plan/contract because I don't have the strength to deal with it, but what is this about replacing (read eliminating BOP???) Say it ain't so...I'll read it during Colloquium as it's a toss up which is more depressing -send those Cliff Notes!!! Or Jump off the Cliff Notes....


Never mind. Apparently it replaces BOP. Just got the email with the "Cliffs Notes."


Ok, but, how does this fit in with our health insurance plan as is? That's what I'm not understanding.


re: Confuzzled

Here's the link to the IRS' FAQ page re Section 125 plans, or "Cafeteria Plans" as they were initially called.



And can someone explain the Section 125 thing?


Anybody just read the proposed contract settlement? What exactly did we GET? It looks as if we gave away everything, again, and retained nothing.

1.9% increases, caps in overload, increases in office hours with overload, loss of longevity increase...

What exactly did the administration give in order for us to give so much?

Will this contract also be rammed down our throats like the last two?

Fed up with this bullshit every contract cycle. We need to go to arbitration.

Crushed Peanut Gallery

So the construction on campus caused yet another water main break Friday causing early closing. Anyone see the campus lately? Lots of digging, mounds of dirt everywhere you look and little construction of anything seems to be happening. Plus there is only one way out of Dodge.Should be an interesting first day of class if they don't finish whatever they are trying to do. What exactly ARE they doing???


Nice job, OBL. I shall send an email too. Thanks for taking the lead on this.

Osama Bin Larson

I heard back from the state comptroller's office:

"Thanks for your inquiry to the Office of the StateComptroller via email dated August 4, 2011.

The Office of the State Comptroller is charged with theresponsibility of seeking out fraud, waste and abuse in governmentspending. We continue to rely, in large part, upon citizencomplaints-like yours- to trigger investigations by our office. We arecurrently conducting a study of the compensation packages afforded CommunityCollege Presidents and your email was shared with the staff responsible forthat review.

We appreciate your participation in this process and willcontact you if we need further information in this regard.


Stateof New Jersey
Officeof the State Comptroller"

It couldn't hurt for them to hear from a few more of you. Their contact info is in my message below, dated August 4.


who else is there

I'm still wondering how the CFO was allowed to claim ignorance that high school enrollment numbers were dropping, when the Superintendent of Schools sits on our Board of Trustees!!!! I mean, are we really supposed to believe that she made financial projections based upon increasing enrollments without bothering to see that this was really going to happen? Or that he (the Superintendent) didn't bother to mention that high school enrollments were bottoming out? This was BEFORE all of the current worldwide financial crises.

Been Here, Done This

Given the behavior of Congress, the S & P lowering of the US debt value and the manic swings of the stock market, I think registration numbers will be low. Older students have to pay for their childrens' back-to-school expenses before said students can spend any money on themselves. It will be interesting to see how the nitwits handle this type of circumstance. How could they award any raises (especially to Our Glorious Leader), when all signs pointed to an economy on the brink? Is this responsible management practice?

crushed peanut gallery

WHile I would like to have more time off, I am looking forward to my classes and students but am pretty stressed out about Colloquium and the fear factor. Anyone else notice the position openings and the low registration numbers? Seems to be the worst ever; classes that normally fill immediately are struggling to achieve minimum registration. Classes that by this time are over ten are sadly at a low point.Enjoy the rest of the month and see you all Sept. 1!

who else is there

. . . and now the pre-semester panic begins!!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying some truly happy moments in life.


I am so glad that the MOA was signed that doesn't allow us to grieve the assignments of the Master Reviewers to the DL courses.

Anyone who voted for that MOA shot themselves in the foot.

crushed peanut gallery

Aren't the Master Reviewer of DL classes jobs supposed to be assigned to adjuncts (heaven forbid, full time facuty be allowed to participate)? Is Son of VPPW an adjunct? Nepotism it is. What a joke.

The term "double agent" assumes that said person engages with and pretends to side with fellow faculty. In this case, our DA's are weasels--little moles who despise and rat out their colleagues. Rhodent metaphors abound!They are, as a fellow blogger duly noted, administrative apologists --on steroids.

Osama Bin Larson

Wait, is this the same son who as a student brought false sexual harassment charges against a since-deceased male member of the Humanities faculty?

Good idea about sending the survey to the NJ State Comptroller's office. I will send it, and hope others so as well. Here is their contact info. (I still think it would be good to also send it to the media.)


State of New Jersey
Office of the State Comptroller
P.O. Box 024
Trenton, NJ 08625
Att: Comptroller Tips

All communication will remain confidential.



Maybe the faculty climate survey should just be sent to the NJ State Comptroller's office. They are doing an audit of all CC presidents' salaries & perks.

Perhaps they can be informed that dean dick's son is the Master Reviewer for the math DL classes. Isn't this a conflict of interest or, at the very least, a violation of OCC's own nepotism policy?

These people are shameless.

Osama Bin Larson

The atmosphere there is so bad that I don't see how the possibility of alienating a few anti-teacher types in the public (who probably weren't on our side to begin with) can make it any worse.

But let's say you're right and that trying to publicize the survey is a bad idea. What is plan B, then? What is something that can and actually *will* be done? When a bully punches you in the face every day and takes your lunch money, it doesn't do any good to *talk* about punching them back. The administration there behaves badly because they're evil, but also because no one has given them a reason to not behave badly.



RE: "Ocean County College Faculty Climate Survey"

The origin of the climate survey evolved from faculty recognition of the adverse effects on personal health and professional effectiveness of working within an autocratic management culture driven by narcissism and dedicated to the proposition that all teachers deserve deprecation (if not in equal measure). The climate survey became the affordable alternative to hiring a consulting group to conduct a healthy workplace study at OCC.

While the relationship between excessive stress and health risks is well known, edifying the public and government officials on the seriousness of this connection for public workers most often provokes smug or angry dismissive shrugging, for teachers, in particular, have it too easy to be whining about their working conditions.

This attitude, of course, only reflects the ignorance and hardening of the categories that accompany societies in crisis--and, as well, those in decline. During periods of uncertainty and fear, resentments intensify and people find easy targets for their anger and despair.

Wisdom, of course, comes more from tuning in to the facts of science than the rants of rage. The documentary "Stress: The Portrait of a Killer," reporting on the findings of Stanford researcher Robert Sapolsky, presents disturbing data on the severe health risks of stress. It presents, as well, the promise of a cooperative alternative to the paradigm of the vicious baboon hierarchy in the social order of primates.

For those with interest but little time, check this four-minute overview of Sapolsky's work:


For those with more time, view the hour-long documentary:


Osama Bin Larson

WM, I tried to send it to the hotmail address you have listed on the front page, but it was rejected.


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