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Stop crying and accept what you get. Your gonna get what your worth! Vote a better union rep in.


Yeah, no, the contract that was rejected was done legitimately so. The fact finders report is not gospel & King Jon wouldn't accept it anyway. Please stop thinking tht we are worthless. That's how the administration wants us to feel. We deserve better than that crappy contract & the crappy fact-finders report. This Battered Wife Syndrome needs to go. Stop wringing your hands & stand up for yourselves.

second thoughts...

After reading the fact-finder's report, the contract that was rejected last September looks like a missed opportunity.


Friends....what do you call a person who may sneak up behind you to stick a knife in your back and unexpectedly betrays your trust? Has there been a time or instance when the FAOCC denied membership to a mole even if they pay dues? Reinburse the lad/lass then let's oust the scoundrel on his/her rear. It is amazing the way some people bite the hands that saved them.


For his fraud, fire the pharaoh of Feign University.



Interesting read from NY Times on Farahi mess.


Erik Larsen's APP article is truncated and incomplete, neglecting mention of the immediate context giving rise to the charges of systematic unlawful contracting and procurement practices at OCC.

The "documents" the NJEA is turning over to the regional FBI office come from Joseph Reilly's CEPA lawsuit against the college. In his Conscientious Employee Protection Act suit against the college (aka, Whistleblower suit), Reilly details numerous kinds of noncompetitive contracts, involving at least twelve specific violations, with e-mail communications alerting college officials of the unlawful practices that produced investigatory harassment rather than corrective compliance.

Had the APP piece included reference to Reilly's lawsuit and a sample of the contracts (say, $75,000 to Bray Barnes for "security services," after Larson eliminated his job as assistant to the president), readers would have a clue to the MOA behind the contracts. (What valued "security services" could a former human resources assistant to the president deliver under such an obscure contract?)

With the addition of this crucial context in the APP article, the college prepared perfunctory statement dismissing the charges as "hogwash" might have drawn the appropriate belly laughs from readers that it deserves.

(If only those harboring an animus toward faculty--in print, cartoons, and prepared press statements--could get hogs off their minds!)

Dazed and Confused in Toms River

The 5 or 6 (?) faculty who just got tenured will have it officially in effect in September 2012. "The next wave" will begin the process next year and be effective September of 2013. But who knows? Maybe this year's group is the last group to get tenure as I'm not sure what the current faculty count is and how it fits into the new 85% max that was passed by the BOT. I think there are aabout 6 up next? I'd be worried if I were them.



Say it ain't so Jon! The camera does love Kathy. If a resignation occurs, I hope it will happen after the final wave of faculty receive their tenure at the end of this year. I think one or two are banking on Jon being here. I'm sure even these faculty members will throw him under the bus afterwards. It's every man for himself!


The Kean Board has more to lose in releasing Farahi than in keeping him.

All it risks in keeping him is the academic integrity of the school, the welfare of its students, the reputation of its scholarship.

Who can now think of Kean with a straight face? The president's resume fabrications were due to "carelessness," concludes the Board of Feign University.

Only outside scrutiny, perhaps with the teeth of depositions and the bite of a Grand Jury, can begin to uncover the high stakes the Board faces in cutting Farahi loose.



Do we have any chance getting rid of Larson?


Lucky lady, Tara, taking a position at Rutgers before The Fall.

Wolfe should be next, had he any sense.


Heard through the grapevine that Tara Kelly was forced to resign today.



Farahi & Larson are buddies, no?


Only the half-thinker defines the problem without imagining a solution.

There are two ways, conjoined, out of this darkness. The first follows the best in human nature, principled and incessant resistance.

The second, ignoble yet necessary, consists of the converse, the hollow core of power: "There is no gratitude in politics" (to quote a world-wise English novelist).

Dazed and Confused in TR

Sorry to burst your collective bubble but I don't see that happening any time soon. We've had small wins but that's about all. FT faculty get disciplinary actions on a whim and those in cahoots with admin get tenure and other favors. Others get a slap on the wrist for bullying and name calling and other breaches of collegiality. Probably over a drink.Do you really believe KJ and friends will get the boot, leave on their own, or have a change of heart?

Barbara Lynn McKee

Thank you. It's time that we return to our core beliefs. We are educators. The word is derived from the Latin verb, ducere, to lead and the Latin preposition, e or ex, out from, to guide. It's time we lead our college community out of the darkness of tyranny.


Poetry to my ears, BHDT!

Been Here, Done This

You have to be kidding! You don't know what the prize is? How about collegiality? Loyalty? Honesty? Me (sic.) thinks: out with the old (tyrants), in with the new (lovers of intellectual and moral integrity) is a mighty fine place to start.

Dazed and Confused in Toms River

BeBop I hear ya but despite your good points and optimism,it still is a bit upsetting. Maybe that's their strategy. One step foward, three steps back. Admin seems to get around the charges or turn them against the full time faculty who filed them. Hope the FAOCC can prevail though I'm not sure what hte prize is!!


Scheduling of classes falls within managerial prerogative. However nonsensical the teaching qualifications form or the administrative scheduling, faculty must live with it.

The FAOCC is in full command of issues that matter: Strada's use of Article X absent "just cause," Strada's collusion with the Adjunct Association in defaming and bullying faculty, Joe Reilly's e-mails implicating Larson in unlawful contracting practices.

Keep your eyes on the prize, people.

Dazed and Confused in Toms River

Maybe it's me but what is going on with the faculty qualification forms?? Were we not hired because we had related experience and appropriate educational background to teach what we do? What we were told at the Wed.school meeting was it was just for Middle States reasons and nothing else and not even a priority at this time.In yet another "Oops I was wrong" Friday memo from the bumbling Dean, now it's due this Friday. Do we have to also include PROOF of actual courses taken in our discipline? What if I'm teaching American History and my MA is in European history? If I have nine or twelve credits in American History, am I banned from teaching it??? Is this an attempt to now get rid of tenured faculty? Can we ask the same of administration? How about Acting Deanlets that do not have any knowledge of the disciplines under his or her jurisdiction? This is cause for concern unless I'm totally off base here. This is something the FAOCC needs to clarify.

Poppin in

Chimi, Just sell out your fellow faculty members and the FAOCC and tenure is yours. Feel free to pick any of these lines.
"These phony PhD's, where did they come from? They were given to me from a guy on the corner and I didn't know they were phony. What do you mean I can't use them. Here is my receipt and they are fully paid for",
"Let me give you the real scoop on these faculty members",
"It was the union trying to sabbotage me and get to you Jon"
"I've got some information for you in exchange for my job here"
"It was the secretary's fault"


I hear dick is a pushover for boxes of chocolate and jon loves bottles of scotch. And who says these honoable men can't be bought! If only those who where denied tenure or didn't have their contracts renewed knew this was the secret to success @ OCC!

Poppin in

Unless the women that were denied tenure are concealing their sex organs, no men were denied tenure in the past two years. The decision for a male this year was rescinded and tenure restored . Yes, no males were denied tenure. But dick is very fond of the ladies.
I hear he frequently visits a gal with some purchased degrees in science. Phony degrees are known aphrodisiacs. Is there a fling here? Pray tell. Maybe a sex change or a wheelchair will ensure that tenure is given this coming year. It will also help if you cry to anyone willing to listen about how your dog died, your aunt had 50 operations while climbed up Mt. Everest to find the antivenom to help your dying iguana.

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