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Patrick Mitchell

Re: "no men have been denied tenure" - I beg to differ. :) (Hello, all)

give me a break

I was not referring to the dean of e-learning although I agree wholeheartedly that she is a sneak! I am referring to a faculty member who has their tenure already. They devoured the brown stuff to get it and I believe made some type of deal...two faced vermin. Some of us are just trying to get by and make a living for our families.


Not sure that I understand the last post. The dean of e-learning is not a faculty member. Many of our colleagues, all of whom are, or have been, women have been denied tenure. People are being hired to teach Biology and many other subjects who only have Master's degrees in Education. OCC is a toxic dump thanks to King Jon and his minions. I don't see any faculty "rising" against any other faculty.

give me a break

I'm tired of faculty rising up against other faculty. It saddens me to see those that have earned their tenure despite the skeletons they have in their closets with purchased degrees, kick a guy trying to hang on. It's some warped psychological disorder when they revel in other people's misfortune and terrible distress. They have to know that their actions are just inhumane.


The dean of e-learning is just as untrustworthy as dick and jon. Turn your back and she will stab it! Don't trust a thing that comes out of her mouth. She is the one assigning unqualified instructors to classes. Apparently if you have taken a biology class, you can teach it. The same thing is happening in other disciplines, but this is nothing new @ OCC. Unqualified instructors have been teaching classes outside of their discipline for years. Oftentimes with pressure from their dean. This whole "best interest of the student" is a lie! If this were true there would not be non-renewal of contracts for fabulous instructors last year and denial of tenure this year. Has anyone noticed that no men have been non-renewed or denied tenure? Misogyny at its finest!!

GED applicant help

Instructors have been assigned to spring QT. The dean that was picked out the "garbage" pile is scheduled to teach yet another biology course with no graduate credits earned in this area. My kid brother with a G.E.D. would also like to make money while impersonating a qualified instructor. Can anyone tell me which butt he has to smell in order to get his name on this list? Can anyone please forward the name for the nearest diploma mill schools that are selling PhD's and possible publications?


For those who doubt that the Kean Board, just four days after receiving a letter from the Kean union president on the Farahi fraud accusations, woud be so lacking in subtlety as to approve up to $200,000 to The Star Ledger in an authorization to waive public bidding, scroll down to item 13.4 in the minutes of the 12/3 meeting:



The Star Ledger comes out with a 1/27 editorial that reads like a set-up to Farahi getting a pass on the sweeping misrepresentations on multiple CVs.

Endorsing the "investigation" the Kean Board has understaken by retaining a politically powerful law firm, the editorial belittles the accusations of fraud in claiming they arise from a "union [that] has been scrounging around to find something to hang on Farahi's neck."

Furthermore, in spite of the abundant documentation on the website of the Kean Federation of Teachers and Staff--including four written responses from journal editors refuting Farahi's resume claim they accepted his articles for publication--The Star Ledger editorial states, "We're not convinced there's a raging fire behind the smoke of these allegations."


The reader comments, exceeding 150 posts, call out the editors for this nonsensical resistance to recognize the substance and severity of the accusations, a couple of posts pointing out that the The Star Ledger blinders just might have something to do with the $200,000 no-bid contact the Kean Board extended its way at the December 2011 meeting.


Kean University President Dawood Farahi admits, in a recent interview with The Star Ledger, to the inaccuracies on multiple official versions of his CV. The misrepresentations, however, he attributes to the clerical errors of an unnamed subordinate who prepared the documents:

"I did not create the data sheet," Farahi said in the interview with The Star-Ledger. "I did not see the data sheet. Had I seen it, I would’ve corrected those errors. And as you can see, the errors are multiplying over time."

Farahi maintains, then, that the claim on the CVs that he served as an acting dean at Avila College in Missouri resulted from a "clerical" error. He maintains that the claim to have "over 50 articles in technical publications" resulted from a "clerical" error. He maintains that articles with specific titles "accepted for publication" in named journals resulted from a "clerical" error.

Farahi could scarcely garner less public sympathy had he claimed that the cat eat his homework.

Read the article . . . and weep. Shed tears of anguish for every Kean student, past and present, who struggled, in good conscience, to meet the university expectations for academic honesty:


Much Ado About Nothing?

There seems to be a full-time faculty in real need of medical time off. They suggested teaching online only but dick is giving this person a hard time. They are too afraid to turn to the union. It seems that a mole who is a known informant, was able to work strictly from home when he was sick a few years ago. It is this type of malelefience that makes working here so difficult.


Thank you for that clarification BlueStateBlues. What is going on in that science department? They hire deans without the proper credentials and grant tenure to faculty that have been given/purchased "diploma mill" PhD's or honorary degrees. What I don't understand is that if he knew the degrees (3 PhD's) were fake, why is this fellow using it? Perhaps the article here from Felican portrayed this without his consent? This fellow was a Professor at Felician College but is an Associate Professor here. I understand that he did not use the "honorary" degrees here at OCC. It shows good character when someone "deceives" a religious institution like Felician College. I'm sure this is all in the past.

Good people (like Flynn) are denied tenure because their degrees are authentic and they live so far away. Perhaps faculty being denied tenure would do well in obtaining diploma mill degrees or no graduate degrees at all. They should then reapply to OCC.


The former dean was hired from the "discard" pile of applications the first time around. The search committee (do we still use them?) did not think that she was qualified to be dean because she has a MA in curriculum, so they put her in the "do not hire" pile. dick, allegedly, picked her out of the garbage heap and hired her.

She was dismissed at the end of the spring semester, I think, because she did not have the proper degree.


IFLF, I can't imagine that the Executive Director of e-Learning would allow someone without the correct credentials to teach Biology 114. The last time I checked, this was not an elementary school. I hope Middle States doesn't find out. I understand this same former dean taught astronomy, chemistry and anatomy & physiology while she acted as a Dean of MST. According to faculty on her hiring committee, she has a nursing degree from some diploma school and her graduate work is in education (MA). She seems to be more qualified to be the Dean of MST with these credentials. Does anyone know why she has left us and decided to teach online? I know there are perfectly qualified full-time faculty in science that would like to teach this course.

In Faery Lands Forlorn

To "Fascinated": Any chance that instructor (former dean) is best of friends with the Executive Director of E-Learning, and recently went on a cruise with her? And will she be filling out the new credentials to teach form?


The allegations, by Kean University faculty leaders, of President Farahi's CV academic fabrications have drawn the attention also of "The Wall Street Journal":


Anyone interested enough to read the piece should find even more engaging the exchange within the comments following the article.

The documentation of Dawood Farahi's academic fraud comes in the letters of inquiry by suspicious Kean faculty to his purported publishers and in the editors' responses, available for all to peruse:


The Kean University Board's lethargy in responding to the crisis, of which the members became aware in November 2011, says much about the tentacles of Union County politics, which the faculty claim is the heart of the problem with Farahi's cronyism.


"A man is known by the company he keeps."

The proverb dates back to the 16th Century, as a precept in selecting a spouse and in protecting marriage from moral turpitude.

In modern usage, the versatile maxim resonates with broader appeal.


Interesting article on the president of our sister college.



I hope we have all enjoyed a great holiday. It doesn't seem to be a rumor. According to WebAdvisor, a biology course is being taught by an instructor (former dean) who has not earned any graduate credits in that area. I understand she taught for a Middle School and earned a Masters in a non-science related area. Of course this does qualify her to teach at a college level.


Merry Christmas, All!


Please let us be thankful because Jon, Dick and the BOT approved tenure for some faculty last year such as the one named here from OCC. They do have a good heart.


Although rumor has it that a former dean will be coming back to teach online and she does not have one graduate credit in the subject area that she is on the schedule to teach. I'm sure the rumor must be a mistake but it comes from MST. Now this is pure genius!


Larson and Thulin exposed themselves today in the APP letter as utterly out of touch--indeed, close to amnesiac--with the meaning of the moment. They have lost control of more than the narrative.

Their best response to the rally of faculty support over a wrongful termination of an excellent teacher. . . their best response to the APP editorial calling for a reconsideration of the decision. . . their best response to the cry of more than forty faculty in a forceful and taut press commentary condemning the college management as top-heavy and incoherent. . . is to say, in effect, trust us, we know what is best for the tax payers of the county.

Game over. Stay tuned.

disgusted & dismayed

What is insane about the article is that Maria Flynn met all 9 standards of excellence each and every semester. She had never received feedback from one of her 5 deans that she needed to improve in any of the areas. This decision is made purely on the fact that King Jon didn't like her and Little Dean Dick led her to believe he would support her. Anyone who believes a word that come's out of Dick's mouth beware, he is a back stabbing liar. I have watched what he has done to Flynn these past four years and he should be ashamed of himself.


I guess the BOT is catching dementia too? Either that or they are all blatant liars...

Crushed Peanut Gallery

Wishing our wonderful community of caring OCC bloggers a very happy and healthy holiday and a peaceful new year. Thank you all for being such a great support system.

Herb Germann


The OCC Board of Trustees over the years has become merely an extension of an authoritarian executive administration. When the Executive Administration is unjust and anti-faculty then the college mission will suffer. A sound college environment should be based upon enlightened cooperation not upon top-down dictates and punishments for those who speak for their profession. Jon Larson seems to have some psychological need to punish anyone who challenges him. This is totally unacceptable on a Campus, supposedly dedicated to higher learning. Excellent faculties are denied tenure because Jon Larson perceives that they have or might in the future challenge him. Jon Larson seems unable to tolerate the Socratic method at arriving at the truth. He will go after faculty who stand up to his injustice.

I know from first hand experience how tyrannical this can be. In 2005, I was voted “Teacher of the Year”, but in 2006 when I represented the rights of a faculty member as Chair of the Grievance Committee and stood up to John Larson, I became “Scoundrel of the Year”. Unfortunately, the Board only hears one side of the argument. Faculty who are criticized at Executive meetings of the Board by Jon Larson and his Vice presidents are hardly given an opportunity to be heard. Fear and intimidation is the unfortunate atmosphere on the campus. This climate comes right from the top. Leadership from the top should be respectful, enlightened, compassionate and pro-instruction, not simply unrestrained authority.

The refusal to grant tenure to Maria Flynn, an outstanding Faculty, makes my case. She was denied tenure on trumped up charges that she lives in 90 miles away, yet she was never late to class. The real reason is that she was strong woman dedicated to teaching but spoke out and was perceived as a threat. Isn’t this America where at a public institution you are suppposed to have freedom of speech. If you exercise that freedom at OCC there will be reprisals or you will not be granted tenure. This is a serious matter that Board should investigate instead of simply ratifying Jon Larson’s recommendations without critical thinking. When several faculty, as well as, Maria Flynn spoke at the Board meeting regarding the tenure question, the Board at the very least should have postponed their decision for further study and consideration. Instead they voted immediately to deny Maria Flynn tenure she deserved.

The Board should be concerned whether there is a restraint of free speech at OCC and reprisals against those that have the courage to exercise free speech. The Board should actively investigate why there is so much fear and intimidation among the faculty and staff at OCC. The Board should be encouraging an open campus of respect and trust. The Board needs to reject executive actions of reprisals against faculty who exercise their free speech guarantees. The Board should be serving the educational mission of the college and the concerns of the community but when they become nothing more than a rubber stamp for unjust executive authority they do a disservice to the Institution of the Trustees.

Herb Germann, Professor of History 1970-2008

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