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Beyond Dazed and Confused in Toms River

Not to put a dark cloud over summer break but Ijust must ask: Did anyone else find yesterday's commencement more political than ever and a not too subtle testimonial to Larson's leadership in the speeches of disgraced Kean U prez, Bartlett, and the Man himself. Being that the Freeholders completely support JL, we are left with little options so why do we have to sit through all that BS?


This blog was started about five years ago as a response to the stifling of ideas and opinions on the OCC campus. I am grateful to have like-minded bloggers. Sometimes we disagree, but that is what gaining truth and knowledge are about. I thank you all for your posts and wish you a relaxing, fun-filled summer.


I agree Beyond. This has been a therapeutic outlet for venting. Enjoy your summer.

Beyond Dazed and Confused in Toms River

Hi All: I just wanted to wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy summer vacation. This blog has been a godsend to so many of us to share and vent. Whether things improve or not, we know that we spoke the truth to the media and to the BOT and were heard. We put forth a united front.Reasons to be proud.


Great cover piece in the NJEA Reporter covering our VoNC against Larson.


APP on Larson: "Flynn, her students and her colleagues deserve the truth."

Don't we, now, on this and so many other matters . . . .


Today's OpEd from APP.


Board of Trustees members are you listening?

Beyond Dazed and Confused in Toms River

Am glad to see that Maria has filed a suit and that the APP reported it. Hopefully if she wins it will set a precedent for other non tenured faculty who work five years and then get the boot. Now, is it me or is the emphasis by OCC to 1 Use the new student reaction forms to dermine faculty competency in the classroom???? 2. Having a committee overhaul the classroom observation process with an unrealistic invasive one 3. To take what has worked for years, the rollover of classes combined with one on one meetings with faculty and replace it with a totally chaotic process.

Norman Bosley, Humanities Dept. retired

Bebop, your Apr 28 comment is priceless! I'm reminded of the hearings held prior to the dismemberment of the College Council, when it was obvious that the BOT and Larson didn't want to pursue review of the Council (provided for in the bylaws), they wanted to junk it altogether. And they offered the sense that they were saving the college from the travail of democratic processes by doing so. Or, saving the faculty from itself. Never mind the Council came into being thru representative gatherings, thru a long period of college-wide hearings, and revision of bylaws...all steps involving the entire college community. Dr. Shaw encouraged this process & did not interfere in its unfolding. But all this mattered not to the New Order & the loss of a government mechanism was an early sign of a primal desire to control college life and reshape its operations. What has followed is a sad chapter in OCC's history which will challenge future faculty
to overcome. The diminishment of teaching faculty, both collectively and personally, has left a toxic cloud of suspicion and ill-will over the college. I must believe Middle States cannot remain indifferent.

the insanity continues

And another law suit filed.



Larson has contempt for truth.

Tell it to Middle States . . .

Larson poisons institutional integrity . . .

Tell it to Middle States again . . .

Tell it again and again . . . .

Beyond Dazed and Confused in Toms River

Tell us again Dr. Larson d Board members, about OCC's financial crisis that deemed it reasonable FT faculty were offered an insulting increase but justifies creating uber-administrative positions. How does this D of A job impact our Dean of E Learning who oversees DL, adjuncts, and all of our failing global initiatives. Unless...they already have a candidate in mind. One can only hope that the top heavy house of cards will all come tumbling down.

the insanity continues

What is interesting is the Dean of adjuncts will have a far larger pool of employees to supervise than any other Dean. As the full-time faculty numbers a whittled away to nothing, OCC won't even need Deans for their departments/schools. There will be one Dean for all the adjuncts who will be the puppet for the masters!

Perhaps now the adjuncts will be held to the same level of accountability and rigorous scrutiny as the full-time faculty. Unfortunately, there is nothing to threaten the poor souls with, like tenure, promotion, or the new "de-tenuring" push!


Another new administrative position (the fourth or fifth in two weeks?) adds to the surreal machine at OCC. The Dean of Adjunct Faculty functions "within a matrix structure with the Deans and the Vice President of Academic Affairs."

A "matrix structure"? This vagary is too rich. Without the slightest notion of what this tease-term means (assuming no reference to the rhetorical contortion and grammatical mesmerization wrought within the recent dean discourse of email-speak), one would of course consult the 1999 sci-fi film with Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne. Fishburne's Morpheus best articulates the mystery of the dystopian dream world:

"The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? [Vice presidents, deans, assistant deans, directors, shills.] The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."

glad to see

Glad to see all the dean positions are now being posted. We have one that can't sense good talent if it slapped him in the face. Some have knocked it out of the ballpark many times, only to be kicked and knocked down. It gives me great hope to see some change coming. I hope the change extends to the top and we can see the end of Jon.


I had not intended to speak at the Board meeting on Monday, but simply stand by my colleagues. However, when the Board circled the wagons and gave uncritical support for Dr. Larson. I felt more had to be said.

Kathy Tietge, was courageous and attempted to inform the Board about serious matters at OCC.

The Board did not listen to legitimate concerns from the Faculty ten years ago when we had serious issues with the leadership of Milton Shaw, nor did they listen Monday. Ultimately, it was the Board of Freeholders who intervened and the Board of Trustees failed to give Milton Shaw a three-year extension. Ironically, from Dr. Larson to Board members they have been blaming Milton Shaw for all sorts of problems since the arrival of Larson. I believe their criticism of Milton Shaw justified our concerns ten years go. What of today?

You are right “Bebop”. I am not the issue. Chairman Thulin, rather then hearing the message wants to kill the messenger. As Board Chair it is his duty to remain impartial, nevertheless, he is simply a Larson- mouthpiece. Unfortunately many Board members are into denial and hardly get a fair and objective assessment from the cast of characters like Larson, Strada, and McGinty who have demonstrated a lack of respect for the faulty.

It would seem to me that a no-confidence vote of 60 to 1 would indicate all is not well and warrant a desire to find solutions and investigate the campus climate in fear, intimidation and reprisals.

What is so objectionable for a call to the Board to objectively investigate a campus in crisis for the academic health and good of the institution? Perhaps the Board desires a faculty in fear. Certainly this appears to be the goal of Jon Larson and the practice of VP Dick Strada.

The Executive administrations are doing great harm to the academic spirit and most important to the human resource of the college, the teaching faculty. Does not a vote of no confidence reveal this? Even if the problems are perception. This alone would warrant an investigation with the goal to improve working conditions and restore a true spirit of collegiality and trust.

I asked the Board to objectively investigate the concerns of the Faculty both Monday and ten years ago.
“Groupthink”, I think so! How can such a request be considered a threat to some on the Board?

Keep the pressure on. Hopefully someone out there may listen and show real leadership, . . . Or, will it take an FBI knock on the door?

Herb Germann
Professor of History 1970 - 2008


Indeed, the Board Chair's sole response to the presentation of the 60-1 vote affirming the No-Confidence Resolution in Jon Larson came in a remark to Herb Germann, about hearing the same from him years ago.

Someone with a humanitarian spirit should tap the Board Chair on the shoulder and wake him up to the fact that Herb Germann is not the issue.

Beyond Dazed and Confused in Toms River

Bebop: You are correct. Apparently he used that same verbiage at yet another meeting and another time to bully a non renewed colleague. Guess he believes that parroting the tired old sentence filled with multi syllabic words that appear to be just thought up makes him look brilliant. It just proves he's a phoney windbag. By the way, didn't the Board mock Herb for giving the same speech ten years ago?


"EGREGIOUS LACK OF PERSPICACITY," Teflon B. thundered before the Board on Monday, repeating the all-purpose pompous phrase he launched some time ago, at a Language and Arts school meeting when the discussion turned to disruptive student behavior in class.

Such language makes one long for a students' Bill of Rights.

Beyond Dazed and Confused in Toms River

Heard about the Teflon bully throwing his arms around and making a loud and pompous stand supporting Larson. What was even more disgraceful though not surprising was our own colleague (1 in 60)who defended Larson and the Board much to their delight and then launched into shamelessly blasting the FAOCC leadership and membership for slander, "pie throwing" and rejecting olive branches from admin. She did mention she isn't doing this for career advancement as she said we all seem to believe but that remains to be proven.


The Asbury Park Press carries a brief piece on the No-Confidence vote in Larson, giving equal time to Mike Zahler, OCC's Teflon Bard of Bullying:


Kean University makes national news--Sports Illustrated, The Washington Post, Inside Higher Education--for NCAA sanctions related to six infractions of rules preventing preferential treatment of athletes. The violations include a one-day grade change, from "F" to "I," to ensure eligibility of a women's basketball player. ESPN presents the standard coverage of the sanctions:


Been Here, Done This

Thank you, Bebop, for the Kean info.

Wonder which "president" first thought of recruiting in China?


Middle States Accreditation review is certainly the only check on accountability for Farahi at Kean University.

The Wall Street Journal reports this week that Kean's accreditation shortcomings on two assessment measures remain in place, despite Kean's March 1 update report to Middle States. Since its campus appearance last week, furthermore, the Middle States visiting team has added two more areas of concern for Kean to meet, including (surprise, surprise) Institutional Integrity:



I think you are right. Middlestates has Jon's knickers all twisted. Perhaps if we make a little noise now, we can get their attention.


Good point, BHDT, I remember that the poop hit the fan at OCC right after our last accreditation.

Can't wait to see the results of The Chronicle's survey. I certainly gave my honest opinion about what it's like to work at OCC. I hope that the other respondents did the same.

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