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Show trial.

Crushed Peanut Gallery

BSB: The softball question was offset by the mole's arrogant and not too subtle confrontational questions hurled at Drs.Dellner and Kephart. I'd guess that the decisions were made prior to the forum and with input and planted questions from our favorite gal.Not sure if our new VPAA will cross Larson openly but it should be interesting to see how it all unfolds and collapses. All fall down.

curiouser and curiouser Alice

If the new VPAA rises up against Larson, she will be out of a job and on a plane to Utah to meet the old dean.


It was very obvious from Ally The Mole's giant softball of a question to Dr. Jackson in the "transparent forum" on Wednesday that she was supporting him. What a shock it was, then, to read the announcement that Dr. Jackson was appointed interim dean of humanities.

The "new" era of Dr. Wang has begun with a newly-hired, newly-relocated dean being fired after 5 weeks and an administrative favorite being appointed interim dean. No matter how much Dr. Wang pleads for faculty input, I will not believe that she is anything other than a means for Larson to continue his reign of terror.

Peanut Gallery

All I know is that the poor woman relocated from Utah and now she is out of a job. Nice going, OCC. Hope she sues. Two new interim deans were announced at the last minute Friday to begin their jobs Monday and it is questionable whether the public forum was a scam to appease faculty or if faculty input was even considered. We are told things are changing in OCC land but whether it's good remains to be seen.

curiouser and curiouser Alice

What happened to the Dean of Adjuncts? Does this have anything to do with the "contracts" being offered to adjuncts? Hmmm....

Peanut Gallery

Now now Bebop my friend, let's not insult agricultural fairs.

There could be pigs there you know.


Right on, PG. The envy of New Jersey, those two. Who could match the innovation Larson and Farahi have wrought upon education?

Driven to exploit the deepest resources and extract the subterranean academic gasses, they have mastered fracking the faculty. It takes men of uncommon substance, I say, to pass their water with such zeal through every fault and fissure in the subsurface of the teaching staff.

As to the poisoned wells of the academy, the change artists, forever true to the vision of self-adoration and personal advancement, pronounce on ceremonial platforms and from walnut lecterns the grandiosity of their accomplishments, in the the oratorical style and with the smug superlatives befitting an agricultural fair in a nineteenth century French novel.

Visual learners visiting this blog may prefer an image:


Seen it all and Can't Take it Anymore

Re Update: But of course. Does he now owe his soul, if he has one, to the adjunct union gang? They were the only ones on the Titanic along with Dick. Can't wait to see the contract perks from that episode.

Peanut Gallery

Yeah...Farahi and Larson. Perfect together.


Anyone got a good joke?


Kean's Farahi gets a five-year contract extension, with unanimous support of the Board of Trustees.

The 1% has spoken.


Peanut Gallery

Deals,one can assume, made on boats and over dinners. Per JL's talk with adjuncts, they will continue to get enviable contracts, Individual 2 year contracts, Benefits, Master Classes,OH MY.
Nope, it's not looking promising for anyone not already tenured.

not surprised

The adjuncts are being fed new contracts and deals? It is Jon's way to divide and conquer. Can those searching for tenure this coming December stand a chance?

Seen it all and Can't Take it Anymore

Amen Brother/Sister


God save us from the malignancy of Larson's monologue.

Seen it all and Can't Take it Anymore

Is Larson and his trusty entourage going to have the you know whats to tell us at his Wednesday meeting about the budget crunch or limited tenure slots after HR posted some bogus position for a 90k plus Executive Director of Student Recruitment. Wonder if the person is being hired to recruit Ocean County or overseas students. On that same topic, hiring adjuncts outside of NJ and even the country is despicable when we should be creating jobs here in NJ. The China DL project apparently is down the tubes so when is our fearless leader heading down to Rio? I can't even imagine the cost of the failed China program. Sickening.

Forgotten, not gone

And so it goes . . .



Time is our ally, folks. Hold steady.

"A high hope for a low heaven: God grant us patience!"

William Shakespeare,
Love's Labour's Lost, Act I, sc. 1

"Patience serves as a protection against wrongs as clothes do against cold. For if you put on more clothes as the cold increases, it will have no power to hurt you. So in like manner you must grow in patience when you meet with great wrongs, and they will then be powerless to vex your mind."

Leonardo da Vinci


Amen, Sister/Brother.

Forgotten, not gone

When, oh when will we see a much more familiar name in such a headline?


Peanut Gallery

I would urge any faculty who isn't teaching at that time, to attend the Town Hall meeting tomorrow with the BoT. At worst, it's an opportunity to voice any and all concerns.

boatload of pain comin'

Crutches or not, he's gonna get his butt kicked hard, and soon. I hope he's got lotsa scotch and pills stocked up, he's gonna need them, sick twisted old degenerate money grubbing dishonorable worthless example...he's a Gerry Sandusky buddy, telling people his relationships with contractors are 'special', gee, Gerry Sandusky had the same 'special' relationship with young boys. Maybe they can share the same cell? How low are you all going to let this unpatriotic abusive rotten foul mouthed garbage head sob go?

The Truth Will Out

Let's see . . .

We have an administration which has admitted that they have the funds to offer faculty a small raise, but does not have the "will" to do so.

We have an administration that wants to be prosecutor, judge, and jury on all matters personnel (see recent FAOCC email).

We have an administration more interested in Chinese students than those in Ocean County.

We have an administration in constant flux with revolving doors instead of academic offices of stability and consistency.

What's the purpose of a college administration again?

More to the point, how will the actions of this administration -- mistreatment of workers, instilling of fear, and a generalized incompetence -- result in a better education for students?

Peanut Gallery

It was an insulting speech to faculty in many respects. How about holding a town hall meeting with the BoT as a gesture of opening up dialogue but scheduling it during prime teaching time??? How many faculty will be able to attend?

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