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The Truth Will Out (Eventually)

Funny about those consulting firms . . . .

Years ago the college paid a consulting firm to examine the efficacy of expanding online teaching to China. Surprise, surprise. The consultants agreed with the college and thought it would be a great idea. We proceeded to invest _____? (no one knows) into this. Look where that got us.

Consulting firms are like the ratings agencies for finance companies: they say what those paying the bills want them to say.

Instead of wasting over 100k of taxpayers dollars, the college should, on its own, eliminate the "created" management positions.

In effect, the consultant report is an expensive fig leaf. And why bother? Everyone knows the administration will do what it wants anyway.

Buzzin' by

Anyone know if a broadcast ever went out about the custodians? I'm Sure KJ wishes he could fire most of the full time faculty and replace them with adjuncts and super adjuncts whose career path is the Dean jobs.Amazing. Someone told me that the new instructor positions are going to do the classroom observations of full time tenured faculty and that it is in the job descriptions so I went back and checked. Yup. Is that some twisted bastardization of peer review? As for Zahler, he is not only a bigot and racist (just ask his students) but a loud mouth pompous ass who thinks he runs the college. But then again, the powers that be allow this and give in to his demands in exchange for bottles of scotch and dinners and parties paid for with monies presumably from adjunct dues.Legalized Extortion and misuse of funds? Hmmmm... Yeah he fits right in at OCC and the corrupt Ocean County political machine.

Forgotten, not gone

Surprised, but not shocked to hear of the privatization of the custodians. This place has become such a sick and twisted joke, I'm beyond words anymore.

Been Here, Done This

Rule of predators: choose and isolate those least likely to strike back. WTF, indeed.

Retired Security Sgt. John Di Rocco

On Feb 6,2013 a E mail went out,collegewide about The Hay Group! (The Hay Group were Awarded $122,000.00 per the BOT Meeting Minutes of 8-27-2012) The E mail says that the Hay Group will speak with Vice Presidents and selected members of their leadership teams to gather data about the College orginization,jobs,responsibilities/duties and pay/benefits,it also says that it will provide a report and recommendation for process improvement within Human Resources to College Senior Management and the Board of Trustees. The E mail,was NOT authored,however from it's writing,I'd guess that it came from assistant vice president Mr.Leslie Cohen? As a Taxpayer,I think that this is a total waste of money!
Now there is word about Privitization of the Custodians? Who's next? Sad to see that the insanity continues at the OCC "ASSYLUM"!


WTF with the fired custodians?

occ roadkill

It will work for everyone but Zahler who thinks full-time work for part-time pay is completely acceptable. Since he is a hater of women, blacks, & gays, he deserves what he gets in this one. He is the only ass I know who would apply for a full-time tenure line position, twice, get to the presidents office, not get the job, and then be loyal to the man who denied him said job.


Agreed. Thought that the college got its just desserts on this one. Cheap bastards.


They should be restricted to 9 credits like the other cc's in NJ. This way they can't be exploited full-time employees being paid as part-time employees.


Is there any truth to the rumor that adjuncts must drop below 10 credits per semester because the Affordable Care Act will force the college to pay benefits if they are over 9 credits?

Buzzin' By

If Larson had any sense, he'd keep quiet and out of the spotlight. BeBop got it right! JL hired the new VPAA to be on the front line. She, on the other hand, has her own agenda. Clearly she's out for total power. She steps on whomever gets in her way. From what I hear, she will throw anyone under the bus and take credit for what others do. She is still making grandiose promises and claims to inventing and implementing new ideas (read: recycled programs under new names) assuming mesmerized gullible faculty will sign on to her new projects.Honor students in all classes? Faculty development and workshops on Wednesdays? Are you kidding me? It's becoming clear why she got booted out of WCC and had serious legal actions from faculty.Give it time; once admin gets wise to her BS, she too will be relegated to some far off office on campus.


Bebop: I enjoyed the case that you built against Larson.

The more that I read about Lance Armstrong & his vicious tactics against anyone who dared to question him the more parallels I see to Larson.

Two disgraceful, shameless human beings.


[To read this post in proper sequence, scroll down a half-dozen slots, to Bebop's introduction of the severance of Gloria and Melissa, and read up the thread.]

Aside from these Big Brother resonances, the closing colloquium remarks of the president include this Brave New World appeal to the soma of feel-good thinking: “. . . be too Positive to be troubled as we carry out the high calling of our daily work at this wonderful institution, Ocean County College”:


Were Jon Larson a student of Gandhi, he would appreciate that “an ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”


The closing colloquium remarks dismiss the value of institutional memory and accountability: “Let us all forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements.”



The closing colloquium remarks bewilder and disorient staff with meaningless promotion of standards of excellence: “Work for and expect only the best”:



The closing colloquium remarks deny the place of principle and conscience in professionalism, by counseling staff to purge unpleasant thoughts and concentrate on the social arts: “look at the sunny side of every issue . . . and give everyone a smile”:



The closing colloquium remarks include a tribute to tribal exceptionalism: “Recognize that you are very special, as we are collectively”:



From this perspective, the closing colloquium remarks include a maxim on the primacy of personal ambition and groupthink, the foundational pathology of mob psychology: “Give so much time to improving ourselves that we have no time to criticize others”:



The severance of Gloria and Melissa, two long-time and dedicated college colleagues, should break the heart and shake the conscience of every college employee with a claim to decency. They join Joe Reilly, Maria Flynn, Karen Huttemann, Karen Vesilits, and other non-renewed former colleagues in the OCC graveyard of diligence. Their fate foments our anguish, the step-child of impotent indignation.

From the theater seats of Gloria and Melissa, then, we should receive Jon Larson’s closing blessing in his colloquium sermon: “My wish for each and every one of you is that the spirit of caring, unity, and mutual support that characterized our post-Sandy recovery outlook will continue . . . .” From their seats, we see the psychosis in the patriarchy of our OCC “family.”

Beyond the delusions of magnanimity, the closing beatitudes of the president, ostensibly an entreaty to humility, actually contain an eery resonance common to despotic regimes dedicated to maximizing social control, erasing historical memory, and evading accountability.

[Continued . . . ]

Just listening to the wind

Several little birdies have mentioned that HR managed to royally screw up the personnel action paperwork for the planetarium director's non-renewal of contract. Wrong title, department, employee number & dates. Not only does the administration make what's likely to be yet another amazingly bad decision, but they can't even do it right. What else would you expect though? Surely not competence.

Tina Kelly

Hi all. I'm retired now but worked at OCC for 7 years. While I was in support I didn't get to meet many of the faculty, but most of those that I did struck me as dedicated teachers. My interaction with them was through participation in activities with which my department was involved. The ones I met were always quick to assist and gave their all. I think the fact that they are not recognized stinks. While unions are on the way out, I would hope that the administration recognizes their efforts, while I believe not. On the other hand, I have worked with Melissa Cipoletti and Gloria Villalobos. Both were dedicated individuals who gave their all. Unfortunately, they had to learn firsthand how the administration stinks. I wish the both of them all the best and I'm sure they will show how extraordinary they both are.

Buzzin' By

Oh goody. Another Administrative Director position is posted at 55-75k.They Meanwhile progress for any semblance of a contract for faculty....well, you know that story. Just sayin'


"Why should I . . . .?"

“Why should I fix the hole in the roof? It costs me nothing not to.”

“Why should I make the loan payment? It costs me nothing not to.”

“Why should I send the thank-you note? It costs me nothing not to.”

“Why SHOULD I cry for a dead of deformed Iraqi child . . . . “

Buzzin' By

Could not agree more with webmaster's suggestion on refusing to do anything not in our contract.I'm in... We have no other choice or voice at this point. I wish we could do something at Colloquium as a unified group while the BoT is there but I know that might be problematic. Speaking of which... Anyone notice in the board notes where the resignation of the former Dean/Science faculty is announced, there is also praise for his receiving recognition in his field? Happy Holidays All.

In Faery Lands Forlorn

If I can bring this thread back full circle to Webmaster’s initial post, I did see a number of faculty present at the meeting on the 5th caught up in the VPAA’s new job enthusiasm (how long before that wanes in her?) Unfortunately some faculty were ecstatic that they were finally being consulted, that they will be heard, and that their opinions mattered. As if.

JL wants to maintain the status quo? What that is to me is a place where hardly anyone gives a flying f!#@ anymore. No one reads the Viking News piece of crap anymore. No one eats in the cafeteria anymore. Parts of the campus & buildings are dirty. Each month’s Board Clips has dozens of entries beginning “additional monies to…”. But no additional monies to the part of OCC that really makes it work, the faculty. The whole place is broken.

When we return after the break, the order of the day should be the work slowdown as Webmaster suggested: the bare minimum. 2013 is only going to get worse. Happy Holidays to us.

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