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Swamp Ophelia

Their searches have failed, Peanut. Be of good cheer: strong candidates find us unpalatable. Rumor had it that the current "administrator in charge" of MST would become such for SS, but now they are stuck, stuck, stuck. Word is they need to settle up, and settle up well, with faculty before they can get a qualified candidate to sign on. Stay strong. So curious: they actually want qualified administrators. Is there a hidden Middle States recommendation somewhere?

Peanut Gallery

Just wondering if anyone's heard about the searches for permanent deans in MSE and SLA and if and when the chosen ones will be announced. Supposedly all candidates were found by the outside head hunters. It would nice to know who we are working for before the semester begins. Don't know what's going on with Social Science.


Because everyone he hires has been substandard

Queasier now

Webmaster (I assume it is the real webmaster even though I have been misread), I did not say anything about faculty hiring. I was struck by the public declaration that the college is in "excellent financial health" while it tells the faculty that it can't afford to negotiate decent raises or retroactive pay. And these deans (not faculty) were sought, interviewed, and hired in less than a month. If I've got this, we have two old guys hired as consultants to tell the president what to do, and now we have an outside firm doing the dean hiring, so what does our administration do except hire other people to tell them what to do, all the while declaring themselves "visionary" and claiming credit for creating programs that faculty had already created?

enough (the real one)

I feel badly that Mr. Hefner suffers from PTSS; but the important word in the published article about his arrest is Republican. He is a Republican operative, however ineffective. Puts his unremarkable and less than scholarly defense of Larson in context.


Cornelius: Good find. This might explain our Troll who cannot piece together an intelligible sentence and who uses such epithets as "retard". Perhaps King Jon plies him with potato chips for his Trolling pay-off.

Awestruck: The standards for teaching faculty are non-existent. If you have a pulse and would like to teach at OCC, then you are hired.


Now here's something. "Ocean County College (OCC) is in excellent financial health and embraces a culture of student success. The College is currently engaged in strategic initiatives that will transform the College and better position it for the challenges facing higher education. Dr. Jon H. Larson, OCC President, has been in place for over 14 years and is a dynamic, visionary, and forward-thinking leader."
From an advertisement on Community College Jobs placed by the Pauly group on April 14, 2014. I heard the searches are complete. So OCC chose deans in less than a month? Were there even search committees? Read the whole thing here. Sickening. Says the Empress created Web marketing and global studies programs too.

Cornelius Nepos Reads Again

Enough: I wonder how a decent, unemployed, medicinal pot-smoking 18 year old (in 2012)came to be the chosen one. Perhaps King Jon enjoys a little weed now and then. Just a thought.


History adjuncts being removed from teaching schedule might want to note who (hint hint English Dept.) is teaching western civ in the summer. What happened to the qualification policy?

enough (the real one)

Lawsuit hearing against Larson, Samarelli moved to June 5, 9 A.M., 206 Courthouse Lane (opposite Library) to allow defendants time to prepare a "thoughtful submission."

enough (the real one)

The point, of course, is that Eric Hefner has no knowledge of on Larson, other than the fact that he claims Jon Larson and his lovely wife invited him to stay at their home after Sandy. The first question is how and why was young Mr. Hefner the "chosen one"? What legal background does Mr. Hefner have to determine the lawsuit is "frivolous" particularly since he also admits that he has no idea what the merits of the suit are? Eric Hefner is just another pawn in the Larson attempt to salvage himself. Remember colloquium? "Please be gentle in your judgments of me? UH UH Jon. You made your bed, now you must sleep in it. (An old saw)


Maybe RoseAnn Durso? Shes the press release & writing person working in college relations.


Do you think this was a public relations letter written for him by guess WHO?????

John Di Rocco

Letter to the Editor, in today's Asbury Park Press

http://www.app.com/article/20140509/NJOPINION02/305090019/OCC-president-Larson-an-exemplary-leader?nclick_check=1 I did some quick looking and see that this is not the first Letter to the Editor that Mr. Eric Hefner has written!
(I liked how he said that, "While I am in no position to comment on the merits of this Civil dispute", he ended by saying, "I look forward to the Courts throwing out this frivolous Lawsuit"


The troll seems to delight in the facilities people losing their jobs.

These are the kinds of people the administration supports: those who enjoy inflicting pain on others.

OCC: A Bastion of Sadists.

enough (the real one)

Goodness! You can tell who the trolls are afraid of when they usurp the names of real bloggers. For the record, the last post under enough is a troll. For the record, Judges don't sign orders unless there is enough evidence in the complaint to support it. By the way, unless you learn the English language and how to spell, no one will ever believe you're "enough". Get over yourself and your sad, personal attacks.

enough-Troll Imposter

Just because a judge is willing to hear a lawsuit, doesn't mean its not bogus! John Di Rocco, since when did you care about your tax dollars?!?! All you people are worried about is your union contract and raping tax dollars for raises and benefits.

I'll be in the Tech building lecture hall to see what Larson has to say. I'm sure it has something to do with this retarded lawsuit the union filed. I honestly don't think the union has a fighting chance.

All hell will break out in the next few weeks when the facilities department finds out the new cleaning company will take over their jobs and they will loose their pension and health benefits.

Frank Siracusa, you don't have a leg to stand on with this law suit. Funny how your title for the Union clearly states that your the treasure and now all of a sudden your vice president? I think you becoming president is an inside job to finish what Zahlor has not.


Judge issued the Order to Show Cause against Larson, Samarelli and others. Hearing set for May 20. A bogus lawsuit? Nope!!!


Interesting piece in the newspapers. It appeared to me to be a fluff article and did not really address the issues. Larson has his spies in the associations and most likely has made them promises that as usual he never plans to keep. I ask all of you to stop fighting, unite, keep yours eyes on the TARGET "Dr Jon" for he must fall in disgrace.

John Di Rocco

In reply to the Larson "troll-flunkie",I DO care about what's going on there,at the "Assylum"!
I'm a Ocean County Taxpayer saddened by seeing the thieves, getting away with the overspending,cover ups, etc.
Your Statement,"lots of your students have came to admin claiming your trying to form a protest using them as pawns", tells me that you "waste" Ocean County Taxpayers money,in the Administration Building! (have came?) I'm VERY happy to see the Asbury Park Press article! You will look good in orange,along with your "master" Larson!


That imposter sounds like dick or his lost puppy from Heir. ..either far up dick's a--hole or sitting in his office in the dark. Don't forget to take your medication.

WTF (the real one)

Again, the trolls are showing their lack of imagination.

Such language!
Such stealing of aliases!

And these are the kinds of people supporting the administration?

Well that explains why the college's administration is so flawed.

WTF-Troll Imposter

John Di Rocco, you left OCC on retirement.. There's no reason why you should give any f*&k about whats going on around campus. Elmo was fired for receiving kick backs from a book publisher his friend of the family ran. Also he lied and taught classes during his administrative hours while he was dean.

On another note, I read the article on APP and its completely bogus. Zahlor has no reason to be part of this retarded lawsuit. And as far as Siracusa, your finished also. Although you were a good professor, you have no reason to pick fights with the higher ups at OCC.

Lots of your students have came to admin claiming your trying to form a protest using them as pawns. This is very low and out of character of any normal person. Rumor has it if they protested for you, they would receive a nice passing grade for the semester.

So glad your not going to have a job come next semester!

John Di Rocco

Nice to see the Asbury Park Press Article this morning! Someone told me that Elmo is gone? Can anyone shed some light? THANKS!


story is on WOBM radio all morning too.

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