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APP article today. Read the lawsuit at http://occafa.org/lawsuit.html


So it looks like OCC is doing good things now a days by not renewing Frank Siracusa's adjunct contract and he will not be teaching next semester. The college went ahead and hired 2 lecturers to take his spot.

I'm guessing this is revenge for speaking out against and disrespecting the presidents leadership team. I'm sure it has a lot more to do with the bogus lawsuit his name is on against the college. LOL


It's called distraction. Pull all the fear mongering, vitriol out of your hat, then, maybe, the people who read it won't wonder why and how Larson and Samarelli conspired to silence and control the Adjunct union. Remember a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
Don't get taken in by them. Read the memorandum of law (starting at page 23) and see for yourself the timeline of their conspiracy scheme.

Troll Alert

What is it about trolls and toadies and lack of imagination?

Why do they have to steal known aliases that are so obviously not their own? For example, taking the names of those who point out the MANY problems of the administration and suddenly using them to bash Zahler.

It's like they're constantly saying "SQUIRREL!"


Get a life.

Get a brain.

No wonder the college is a slowly sinking ship: those running it exhibit, here at least, a distinct lack of intellect and imagination.

Peanut Gallery

Pointing out known financial criminal activities of one party does not negate those of others. The fact that Zahler has stolen funds from adjunct dues is reprehensible and needs to be addressed just as administrative improprieties do. I just find the former's more disturbing.



Observe which side resorts to the most vociferous name-calling and you are likely to have identified the side with the weaker argument and they know it.

Charles R. Anderson

Your fear is showing.


Why the fuck is Michael Zahlor on the lawsuit after he left the college?!? Something seems fishy to me. Looks like this union crook is still trying to collect money from the adjuncts after his departure.


Behop: New to this blog and after reading the less eloquent and very vituperative responses to my post, I was admittedly disheartened. There should be no question, however, that the nature of these responses (not to mention the spelling and lack of passable grammar) should leave little doubt as to the identities of those who wrote them - They are the very people who are at the heart of the lawsuit alleging RICO (racketeering conspiracy) to silence and control the union. The methods used by those who wrote the answers to my post are age old fallacies - ad hominem and red herring - in order to distract from the issues of possible malfeasance by the administration. Hopefully, those who care about what is going on the college and against all the unions, will speak out in in one voice to support the action of the Adjuncts. As MLK said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." This matters!

WTF (the real one) - you are on to something -Zahler is on to something - just read the lawsuit docs - occafa.org/lawsuit.html. Every allegation is backed by facts not innuendo.


I see the Troll posts, WTF. I am wondering who in the administration writes so poorly? This is someone who cannot get subject/verb agreement and writes "loose all credibility". Oh, Troll, that would be "lose" all credibility. You are either uneducated or foreign born but, either way, you're still a jackass.

WTF (the real one)

Uh. . . webmaster. We have trolls again.

And they are up in arms about leaders going to fancy restaurants.

Silent about the OCC administration treating upper management to lavish meals -- as they were pleading financial ruin and RIFFing staff.

Toadies got no shame: a quality which seems to be a job requirement.

This is the equivalent of shouting "squirrel!" to a dog. This concerted effort makes me think that Zahler is on to something; why not just ignore him?


@enough (8:52 AM) down thread:

Terrific post--incisive, substantive, eloquent!

WTF-Troll Imposter

I commend (Peanut Gallery) for coming out with more inside information about our favorite Zahler, Sircusa teammates. I think its much worse that our union reps are using the hard working dues we pay into for drinking with students, and lavish dinner trips and gambling at Atlantic City Casino's then Larson and Sarah being given a raise legally using tax payer money.

An investigation should be done on Zahler and Sircusa both. The lawsuit Sircusa and the union has against the college is bogus and a waste of time!

Next time you even think about bashing Larson and the PLT, think about that hefty priced steak Zahlor ate with his idiot friends at Caesars Casino in Atlantic City talking bull shit on how to blame Larson and write those stupid Adjunct news letters!

Peanut Gallery

While our cute little troll needs to find himself a name, AMEN to something he brought out that has been forgotten. Zahler, Sircusa, and Silva STOLE money --lots of it-- from the union for years. Using it for personal lunches and dinners, purchases of booze, taking friends out, having drinking binges at the AL Post in TR, sending flowers for secretaries, and even using it for personal lawsuits against Larson. And who knows what else. Even bragged to everyone who would listen that raising dues would get them into better restaurants. How many trips a week to Sophias in TR (often paying for strangers at other tables), and visits to other pricey restaurants on LBI and other places. Only the best for these Pathetic little nobodys trying to be BIG SHOTS on hard earned adjunct money. Zahler even took his students out drinking. So where is the adjuncts' outrage and the US Attorney General in all this THIEVERY. Takes big ones to do this and accuse Larson and Sarah W. of financial improprieties. Apparently Zahler had a spotty job history and got thrown out of a good many of them. His claim of four Masters is bogus. Only OCC kept him and put up with his BS, mental instability which sadly is probably from too much drinking, and inappropriate behavior with students. He will get his. And soon.


What is it about the trolls and toadies that they have to appropriate other names.

Why not just make it clear and use "Bootlicker" or "Moral Compass is permanently set to self interest" as their name? It would make it much easier to categorize their ramblings.

WTF Troll Imposter

Frank Siracusa is the biggest union crook, following the footsteps of Michael Zahlor and being a big mouth with all talk and no action. Think about all the union dues Zahlor took from you faculty and yet, you still don't have a fucking contract! Larson's spending has nothing to do with faculty. The only reason why the faculty is bringing up Larson's spending is because they're pissed off and that is the union reps fault.

As far as marketing is concerned and going bad, you can blame Art Criss and college relations for that one. I don't see any advertising besides on WOBM about the college. All you see is internal advertising and not enough for the public to see that drives tuition dollars in.

The lawsuit is bogus. Everyone thinks the faculty are babies and want something the college just cant afford. Why hasn't the mainstream papers or tv channels picked up on the lawsuit? In America, you can sue anybody for anything you want, doesn't mean your going to win!

You faculty dont care about the tax payers, all you care about is finding dirt of Larson and his PLT to use as an advantage to get what your not going to get. You might get Larson in trouble with the feds, but your still not going to get the shiny perks in your union contract.

Zahlor jumped ship, but it still looks like hes running the show still in the background.

Regardless if Larson and his team are doing bad things, as long as I have a job I don't let it bother me. I look past the politics and don’t get involved. You adjuncts thrive on drama and politics; trying to bring up as much dirt on everyone and anyone who isn't on your side. Just be happy you people have a job, get a reasonable contract and let this shit go.

Frank is doing a great job too, since I haven’t seen a new newsletter out in months and this bogus website blog you guys have going here never has updated articles while everyone still blogs on the same thread over and over again. LOL!

Good luck people with your bogus lawsuit, waste of time and tax dollars. Yeah Frank is a good guy and I respect him. He’s trying to follow in the same footsteps as Michael did, but he’s going to get burned in the long run and loose respect just as Michael did. Frank stick to teaching your educational history classes and stay out of the politics before you loose all creditability and hope of the union members.


BUZZIN: A 3-way conversation is better than no conversation at all. As to JL's county friends, the potential criminal investigation is out of their hands - the U.S. Attorney has been asked to investigate Larson's spending (read up on the $65 pair of shoes the now jailed Brookdale President charged on the College credit card that brought him down) and the alleged racketeering charges contained in the lawsuit.
WTF -Troll Imposter: Bogus requests for information??? You have got to be kidding! How taxpayer money is being spent is NOT bogus. Why the co-generation plant that cost taxpayers $8 million is NOT bogus. Trips to a pricey beach resort by Larson, arranged by Pearson Education, (with no bills for airline tickets or food) are not bogus. Salary increases for Administrators while faculty (both Full-timers and Adjuncts) and support staff have languished are NOT bogus. Asbestos and mold are NOT bogus. Millions in "revenue sharing" and a failed "marketing" program for dl is NOT bogus.
You can criticize Zahler all you want, you can denigrate Siracusa (although the tenor of your remarks make me believe that you are associated with the defendants in the lawsuit)but what I see is Siracusa as a strong leader who is willing to stand up to Larson. What have you done lately?

Buzzin' By

True about OCean Liners. But we're more like the Titanic with no pretty music as we sink.


So the solution is just to roll over and give up?

Aren't the protections of tenure designed for just such occasions? When the place that you’ve devoted your professional life to is going off the rails because of the “vision” of one person, and when that person can’t get any support for said vision, than it’s time for tenured faculty to say “Enough. Time to focus again on teaching.” It seems all we need now is a little boy with tenure and the innocence to say, as the king walks past him, “Look, the Emperor has no clothes!”

It seems from your comments that you have some inside information. While you may not be a "toadie," by resigning yourself to accept a change you seem to have problems with, isn't that much the same thing?

Of course, you may not have the protection of tenure -- if not, sorry about that. If you have inside information and want to really make changes, give the information to the unions. The only way to stop the problems at OCC is to get the President to change course or encourage him to leave. And even an ocean liner can make a U turn -- or can end up in the scrap heap.

John Di Rocco

I read some Posts here and just shake my head, I wonder why they seem to me,to be coming from "Larson and his Groupies"! After reading the Adjuncts Lawsuit,I'd expect that they would be worrying about what's coming for them down the road? I wonder,will there be a cell large enough to hold them all? The intimidation is absurd! (I thought it was bad when I was there?) It's gotten worse! KUDOS to the Adjunct Faculty for bringing all this out in the open!


" IT department has records of every computer who has visited this site and ones that have posted comments. This kind of conduct should not be done during working hours."

Written like a true administrator. OCC has the authority to limit the websites that faculty visit during working hours? Wow. I had no idea that I wasn't "allowed" to visit particular websites. I went to the NY Times.com the other day? Is this site allowed to be visited during "work hours"? How about the Huffington Post? Ooooh, I betcha that site is off limits, too.

What about after work hours? Are we "allowed" to visit these forbidden sites after 5p? I better set my alarm so I can wake up at an appropriate time to visit this website.

Are we all supposed to be bullied and intimidated by the "fact" that IT has our IP addresses? I am shaking in my work-paid office chair as I type from my work-paid PC during work hours. Asshole.

Buzzin' By

SOmehow I don't think WTF posted the last comment but in any event the info about Zahler is spot on, but Siracusa is just a out of control and should be booted out too. He's in cahoots with all the lawsuits.I disagree about The Empress being shoved out. SHe should be but Larson will keep her till she really screws up and can't cover it up with lies and the blame game as she has been doing. I think she has just about p-o'd everyone who has dealt with her.

WTF-Troll Imposter

I'm not dick and this is not one of his "toadies." To make the point very clear, the reason why OCC doesn't like the union is because of Mike Zahlor and his little minion Frank Siracusa!

Zahlor, you burned down every bridge you could and hurt the union worse then ever before upon leaving the college. Picking fights with VP's and administration about bogus requests you knew you'd ever get! Now Frank Siracusa is left is shambles to pick up the pieces you created by dropping the ball on your members.

I said it once, I'll say it again. The college wants the union out! The college doesn't want to be strapped with tenured faculty that doesn't do anything but enough to get by. The college is and will peruse hiring lectures by the numbers to out number the tenured members, then finally push them out too.

OCC wants education taught like a corporation, where if the professor's aren't cutting it and not doing their job, they can easily be replaced.

Human resources is totally being restructured, Leslie and Karen are gone now that the changes have been made. Wong is most likely getting the boot because middle states is over and that's the only reason why she was brought in, that and she has not successfully completed any projects since her start at OCC shes committed to do.

The changes PLT is making to the campus is unstoppable and will bring shock waves to the campus for everybody who works on it. Some people will be effected, some wont. And we know who's blogging on this website during working hours on campus. IT department has records of every computer who has visited this site and ones that have posted comments. This kind of conduct should not be done during working hours.


The lengthy post by Buzzin' By that started the last few comments that begins with "Let's face it" came from a different IP address than the last two posts by Buzzin' By.

Now that we know that dick reads the blog and is perturbed by its existence then it may be safe to assume that he, or one of his toadies,is posting.

I'm not sure what information is accurate or not. Time will tell. I'm not hopeful that things will change anytime soon.

Been here, done this

OK, Buzzin'. That makes sense for the post I referred to was not "in sync" with your prior posts. Web Master, can you identify who is pretending to be Buzzin'? I had to supply my web address in order to post; didn't the pseudo Buzzin'?

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