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Mercer County CC BoT meets tomorrow at 4p to appoint their new college president.


"Your current officers have no agenda". I think generally the idea of a union is that the union officers do in fact have an agenda; that agenda being to advocate for fair treatment of the union's members. A union without an agenda is a strange concept.



Kimberle Rolle Samarelli

Anyone who would like to question me about anything that has to do with the adjuncts association feel free to email me kimsamarelli@aol.com or call my cell 732-904-0580 with your questions comments or concerns. I have a very open door policy and will answer your question the most honest I can. I dont play games of bantering or bashing people.
The grievances filed by Mike Zahler have never came to our office and where just verbiage of his and Michelle Rosen.
The lawsuit was mostly frivolous and driven by Zahler and Michelle Rosen matter fact she has to pay the adjunct association compensation for being an INTERLOPER! We are currently down to one plaintiff against the current officers of the association. As I wrote in my last newsletter your current officers have no agenda, its somewhat not believable because most assume at OCC that one must have an agenda or NEED something to be in a position of power here.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Wishing you all a peaceful, joyous, relaxing Thanksgiving.

Kean Update:

John Di Rocco


Peanut Gallery Returns

How much???? Are you kidding? For NJ and purchased in Shanghai? Wonder what the delivery cost is. Does it at least have chairs? Or thrones?Big table for arrogant little man.Not to be undone, now Larson will want one.


Think this will make the OCC News?





This might be more apropos...


Anyone taking nominations for the OCC holiday party soundtrack?



The lecturers are DEFINITELY attending because of fear.

They've seen what happens to one of their own if they question things.

Just what's needed to get in the holiday spirit: a party in the gulag.

Peanut Gallery Returns

Thanks WM. How sad because it sounds like there was a lot of collegiality and that OCC was a good place to work. I don't know much about the college before Atilla arrived. Great name btw. I thought of attending but why even bother. To hear Larson's hypocritical greetings and BS? Maybe the FAOCC can just hold a holiday get together. I think the lecturers only are attending because they fear they will be fired otherwise. Despite the hype, they are not happy.


College-wide holiday parties happened every year before Attila the Hun became president. Most faculty would participate & the events were fun. One of the last of these parties was at the former Winkleman's restaurant on Rt. 9 in Lakewood. There was food, drinks, a DJ, & games.

I only know of a handful of faculty who are attending this year. It's, mostly, lecturers & toadies.

Larson & Wang: If you want faculty participation in these types of events then SETTLE OUR CONTRACT NOW. Stop treating us like garbage & value our commitment & work to the college. I will not break-bread with those who despise me & treat me like crap.

Peanut Gallery Returns

Just wondering if a lot of faculty is going to the holiday party at Jack Bakers early Dec. I don't recall college wide parties in the past and I guess it'd be a nice thing in better circumstances. Guess I would rather hang out with colleagues without management watching each move. It'll probably be mostly admin and toadies.


The other question I have for the Adjuncts is what happen to all the Grievances filed by Zahler to PERC. regarding wages and other contract violations Did the new leadership drop them at Jon's request? Perhaps we should pick up the sword for you know the Adjuncts have been sold out!


@ Fred: "Would appreciate hearing any specific info anyone has about the new adjunct union regime, and their relationship to the administration."

If not old news, Fred, the Civil Action against the College and Samarelli, filed by Frank Siracusa et. al., should feed, or whet, your curiosity:

Your specific interest relates to points 64-104 (pp. 25-35). The red meat of the racketeering allegations follows (pp. 45-47), but you had best read the narrative under "The Enterprise" aloud, in black and white, and in your best Jack Webb voice as Detective Sergeant Joe Friday.


I overheard the following exchange by two of my students last week:

"Why are there so many sections in the Spring with TBA & no professor's name?

"I heard that it's because the teachers' ratings are so bad that no one will sign up if the names are listed."

Way to destroy a college, Larson.


MADDOG: Don't know much specific about the new adjunct union leadership, but would easily believe they are a creation of the administration. We're up to $750/cr. hr., a $10 increase from the last contract. The new contract increases that by $15/yr through 2019.

The previous contract allowed for promotion to a higher level after 8 consecutive semesters, with an increase of around $100/cr. hr. It listed 4 categories of the adjunct's performance which would be evaluated in considering this meager promotion, and did not really define "success" in any category. Don't know how rigorously the promotions applications were evaluated, or how many actually received promotions.

A recent email from Samarelli incuded, without comment, a list of new promotion procedures which I believe will be adopted soon.

Under the new promotion procedures, adjuncts still have to complete 8 consecutive semesters, AND they now must jump through all kinds of hoops, with very specific percentages for positive student evaluations and completion rates. They must participate in clubs committees, etc. All to get a very modest pay increase (about the same as the previous contract) and remain unfairly compensated. It's quite absurd. On the other hand we now get to be called "professors", which is exciting. There's even a third tier of slightly less inadequate compensation to which we can aspire after another 8 consecutive semesters, if we fulfill even more rigorous percentage requirements in various categories..

Few if any adjuncts will get promotions under this system. Yeah, I think we were sold out.

Would appreciate hearing any specific info anyone has about the new adjunct union regime, and their relationship to the administration.


To the adjunct Remark..From what I heard you folks were sold out. How much was your raise? And what does your contract read? You are facing a huge reduction in force. To WTF You are right you can not strike all Jon needs is the injunction order. However, Those of us on office hours or before school can demonstrate or even visit the Freeholders meeting and bring up topics of waste & mismanagement. There are reporters there thought they are afraid of the Republican Party in Ocean County. We need to get into the media the waste at the college and the over paid hierarchy that is causing tuition to go up and the students in sub standard rooms



NJ state law against gov't employees striking.

And thanks for your interest.


OCC Adjunct here.

Just wondering why the faculty have not gone on strike, given that their contract expired in 2010, and negotiations have gone nowhere.

Could the college really replace striking faculty? I don't see how.

The Questioner

That should read "why some post communist countries thrive while others writhe."

The Questioner

From a NYTimes column by David Brooks on fear and why some communist countries and others didn't.

In these countries, "life was marked by fear, by arbitrary power, by suspicion that people are watching you, by distrust. People raised in this atmosphere of distrust have trouble forming companies and associations. They are more likely to be driven by a grab-what-you-can logic — a culture of corruption and appropriation. They are more likely to hunker down and become risk averse."

Ah . . . the gulag.

Peanut Gallery Returns

Thanks Webmaster.I'm really freaked out by the thought with those stipulations.No increase is worth that crap.I wouldn't even know where to begin finding any college who decrees that. I know the lecturers are burnt out and sick of the VPAA piling on administrative functions. As far as course credits go I guess depending on who you are and who you know additional release time is the tradeoff for being in bed so to speak with admin. Very discouraging.......


PGR: I agree with all that you said about the contract. The contract that we voted down 5 years ago did not include a Monday through Friday, 8a-4p workweek and we rejected that piece of garbage. The addition of "Lecturer hours" should be dismissed out of hand.

It's interesting that The Mole has only 12 credits this Fall semester & her work load shrinks to 9 credits in the Spring, 2015. I thought that we had a 30 credit requirement for the two semesters?

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