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Peanut Gallery Returns

Maybe it's an error in the publication? I know no one is writing on the blog these days but if you happen to see it, here are some concerns for feedback: Might I implore my colleagues NEVER TO VOTE for any contract that requires us to be on campus five days all day. I'll bet no other community college (surely no four year one) stipulates that. Though I can see Farahi following suit.What are we ? K-12? Sounds like Larson is making sure we don't have a contract but I'd rather stay with no raise, no contract than what's proposed..2: Anyone else wondering about this huge grant for a Middle Eastern program here and abroad? Queen Dean in her new job (again) and her buddy The Mole are supposedly in cahoots on this and I hear the latter has a major reduction in regular courses for yet another OCC initiative failure.

The Questioner

What's up with the sudden fees for some courses? $32, $20, $2000?

And only for certain courses. Odd that only some courses are targeted.

Anyone have any ideas?


The Larson legacy?

Imagine the truth . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tired, Tired, Tired

From a NYTimes article by Thomas Edsall

"Democrats today convey only minimal awareness of what they are up against: an adversary that views politics as a struggle to the death. The Republican Party has demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice principle, including its historical commitments to civil rights and conservation; to bend campaign finance law to the breaking point; to abandon the interests of workers on the factory floor; and to undermine progressive tax policy – in a scorched-earth strategy to postpone the day of demographic reckoning."

I think readers of this blog know who to substitute for Democrat and Republican. . . .

Blue State Blues

Winchester salary in 2005 was a little more that $99,000.

Winchester salary in 2014 is $160,000.

That's a 62% increase over 9 years or, roughly, 7% increase per year.



We should be asking for the same increase that Jon & Sarah received with the percs.

Buzzin' By

Congrats and thanks to all who participated in the rally. I think that Sadly it, along with the eCompanion tragedy, is lost on admin. The contract resolution will be a long time coming what with the five day workweek (to sit and do what) and the arbitration clause. For a 1% increase? I'd rather live with what we have. But I'm not happy about that for a minute.

Tired, Tired, Tired

Article about Wednesday's rally mentioned on FAOCC.org blog post.


Article in Saturday's APP, page 3 I think.


The technical fiasco that was the all-schools meeting is a perfect metaphor for the roll out of eCompanion.

And the lack of understanding by Pearson of basic classroom mechanics is exhibit A in the problems with outsourcing.

Buzzin' By

We need to pay a search firm to find deans? Can't our VPAA with all of her minyons handle this? Oh, I forgot --they speak with her and turn down the jobs. Hit the ground running, huh? Where is any reference in the position description to working with faculty --or,heaven forbid, working with and helping students? Who writes this stuff???


Here we go again...


Jon needs another golf outing under the guise of a professional seminar that is why he is hiring Pearson people. Also more people to blame when the #4@! hits the fan

buzzin' By

Glad you are back, WM. This site is so very needed to vent. Yes, the new AVPAA gets some of Wang's duties and the lecturers get the rest. Wonder how long she'll last since the retention rate isn't too impressive here. Our new VP of E Learning is also a Pearson person with no academic experience. What ever happened to search committees and asking faculty if they would like to be on them? Meanwhile, OCC hires last minute adjunct temp. lecturers and many classes were cancelled because of no instructors. Tell me again how we are best serving our students??? ECompanion is a total bust and you're correct that it is not designed for face to face classes. OCC is now just interested in DL courses and overseas "initiatives."


Saw the new assistant VPAA today at division meeting. If Dr. Wang is pawning off all of the different duties to this woman then is she giving back some salary? I'm so glad that her husband is happy to have her around but do we really need, yet, another high-paid administrator? Does she have any teaching experience or just Pearson?


Glad you're back Webmaster.

Pearson U?

Why is the new assistant VP of AA another Pearson Alum? I believe we need more people with direct teaching experience in academic affairs. What say you?


Sorry about the radio silence all summer.

I wanted to offer our King some advice for his biannual colloquium catch-phrase. His "I Have A Dream" speech was so unique & moving last colloquium that I thought of a few others.

King Jon, give some of these a try for tomorrow:

"Ask not what your college can do for you, ..."

"When in the course of human events..."

"Today (echo "today"), I consider myself (echo "self") the luckiest man ( echo "man") on the face (echo "face") of the earth, earth, earth"
And then have one of your minions take the ice bucket challenge for you.

Whatever boring-ass words leave your lips tomorrow will just be more self-serving, self-promoting bullshit. None of us believes a word that you say.

Buzzin' By

Apparently King Jon's top heavy management initiatives are alive and well as vacated faculty positions are being replaced by temporary adjunct lecturers where the only qualification is a pulse and a "related" degree which is questionable. Performance is apparently not even a consideration. We still have interim Deans (how many years is it?), one with no classroom teaching experience or knowledge in the disciplines managed. Now, dear ones, take a deep breath and view new job postings for an Associate VP of Academic Affairs and a VICE PRESIDENT of E-Learning and something or other.

john Di Rocco

THANK YOU Dr. Kralik,for your kind words about the Greenhouse! (I did not know that it was set up by Dr. Moreland!) When I left the OCC "Assylum",Betty gave me an arrangement of "cuttings"! They are on my windowsill and a reminder of a special Lady and how dedicated she was to OCC and the Greenhouse! Very sad to hear this news!

Marilyn Kralik


As of this afternoon, the OCC Greenhouse is no more. I know that many of my colleagues never set foot inside--the part-time hours sometimes made access difficult--but it was set up by our first President, Andrew Moreland, to be a spot of beauty, and it remained that over the decades. For those who did visit, it was a generous and gentle and kindly haven. Connie Adamo (Joe Adamo's wife) specialized in orchids. Betty Canessa (Mary Jean McGivern's niece) specialized in exotic begonias. Innumerable Camp Viking students probably still have plants grown from cuttings that Betty provided, as did many of our own OCC students...

My heart is sad. We have had so many losses lately--facilities, programs, people, traditions. Those who are still College employees can at least commiserate together, even as we help our departing friends to pack their boxes and say farewell. But who can measure the impact that these losses have on our students, who might actually be inspired to complete their degrees because of unique experiences, caring attitudes, pockets of kindness on a commuter campus?

That is all.

Barbara Lynn McKee

Thanks, WTF, for this citation.


WTF: Gee, the only things missing from the article are the names Jon Larson and Kimberle Samarelli as the human equivalents of the Ka-boom theory.


Looking for an intelligent take down of the mania for disruption? Look no further.


john Di Rocco

THANKS Webmaster & enough!
What happens now?
Is there a new Court date?


none of the suit was not thrown out. Judge asked to have complaint amended to make some points clearer.



The majority of the suit, I think, was thrown out. Judge sited weak arguments and the fact that the plaintiffs are not even employed by OCC anymore.

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