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The most solipsistic commencement ceremony imaginable.

Awful. . . . Just awful. . . . .


If its true that the dragon lady is offered the job and she takes it, then she shouldn't be allowed to attend OCC's graduation.

Also, did anyone hear that king Jon is naming the student center after himself and his wife Judy? I wonder what contributions his family has made to the building project.


Mercer's next board meeting is May 14th, for anyone curious.


Rumor for today is that Dr. Wang told her staff that she was offered the President's job at Mercer CC. It will be made official by Mercer at their next BoT meeting.

Not sure what the fallout will be for us. Can't get much worse.


APP editorial regarding the impending departure of their president. May OCC be as lucky.


Down and out

Here are a few thoughts:

1. Mercer- I feel as if our VPAA will be exiting shortly and I am afraid of what may follow.

2. RU- Is stressful and I prefer not to think about it. I can only hope for the best.

3. Maya/Lecturer- I recently found out the identity of this individual and was disgusted that the school would support someone who is so unprofessional. This lecturer is extremely under-qualified (which is typical) and has bad mouthed the President, faculty and even his faculty center co-coordinator. I agree that this was intentionally done to further degrade the faculty. I am sure that anyone who has been exposed to him will agree.

Tired of it All

I read the blog but usually don't write. BSB I was sickened by news about RU in light of what's going on here.OR rather what isn't going on. I hold out little hope it will get better with negotiations.PG: I've heard a lot of what you said about the DL area. It's very tense and backstabbing rules. The whole hierarchy is illogical. I'm not surprised about the shafting of colleagues given the person involved. Apparently turnover is a common occurrence. New hires leave because of the unprofessional management or they are dismissed for questioning the decrees of leadership.

Buzzin' By

Retro pay as well. Just heard it on TV. Sooooo discouraging.


RU Profs get an average of over 8% salary increase & we continue to get shit & shit on.

Peanut Gallery

Wang and DL have been battling for a long time and I don't blame the woman for wanting out since KJ clearly favors non academic endeavors and technicians over faculty. DL will eventually collapse with all the infighting and backstabbing. The "King" VP there from Pearson has no idea what her subordinates are doing and is said to never be around campus. Her main minion who has Larson's ear now rules the roost and the one academic over there is just the good little soldier who does whatever she is told by whoever tells her to do it. No one at the college trusted her after her short run as Dean of Humanities and now rumors have it she even turned on her best buddy.Is anyone shocked? All the college wants are technicians with templates for courses and the personality of artichokes. The mantra from KJ is that DL makes money for OCC but that is not true.

Swamp Ophelia

Dear Ones: Please. Interns in DL. The parasite provides the script so that its host maintains his delusion of independent thought. Compare: http://pearsonstudents.com/get-involved/internships/index.html

Rumor has it that our faltering overlord wants the empress gone because she is interfering with his surrender of the college to Pearson. Sadly, feeling mortality's grip more and more, he has been made to think he is participating in the future in the present moment, building his ersatz empire online, and playing with models of legacy building projects while he assures himself that he will take the college down with him.
The empress is frustrated by his end game, as she wants a kingdom, not a virtual diploma mill, left to rule. Is it true that even the trustees have started to realize it is time for the aging king to abdicate?

Peanut Gallery

..The value of an internship in one’s academic career, as well as the long-term positive impact on an individual’s quality of life in all areas, social, community, professional, financial, and personal, the e-Learning Department initiated an “e-Learning Internship Program.” The program is designed to provide OCC students and graduate student interns with real-world, hands-on experiences within a national distance learning program. Interns rotate through the various functions of the e-Learning Department, including master course development, curricular quality assurance, document management, marketing, student recruitment and retention, data mining, research projects, academics, and the student experience.

buzzin' by

That seems to be the case according to MCC, but if she does not get it, how can she stay after everyone knows she is looking for new employment? Not sure if this is good news. Before we all celebrate, think that the next VPAA could be worse based on the college's track record with hiring administrators. There will probably be an Interim for the next ten years. She has two administrators under her right now, Lisa D. and Toni C. Let's all hope for the best here.


Rumor has it that Dr. Wang is one of the three finalists to be Mercer County CC's next President.

Peanut Gallery

Confused: Re Lecturer identity. If I am right in my assumption about who the lecturer is, said person as far as I know is one of Larson's moles and very much in his little circle. Now could he also be badmouthing the prez? Guess so. From my understanding the lecturer bad mouths faculty. It's crazy.


To me the true answer to the riddle does not lie in the lecturer's identity, however, it resides in the reason why this particular lecturer was selected. I am baffled as to why someone who speaks out so openly against KJ and the administration and someone who has so little experience would be sent on an all expenses paid trip (especially since the faculty running the trip clearly doesn't need help!) Could it be to further slap us in the face?

Peanut Gallery

That's crazy! Don't know who the lecturer is but seems that the person running the Maya trip each year or so is quite capable of doing it. Sounds like the ongoing trips to Egypt (for what????) for a certain ex-Dean. Sadly the mission of community college to serve its community has been lost altogether.

Cornelius Nepos Dances on the Rubbish Heap

Okay people. The college has money but just not for faculty. Riddle: what lecturer is off to see the Maya over spring break all expenses paid by the college so that he can "learn" to run trips abroad?

Robert Silva

Nice going KJ. The Board will need to get him another while they cut spending to the school


Didn't hear that but wouldn't be surprised.

Did hear that KJ crashed his brand-new car.

peanut gallery

SOrry typo-meant KJ

peanut gallery

Hey All: I know no one really posts on this blog anymore and don't know why but if you pass by I was wondering if anyone has heard reliable rumor that faculty observation criteria is being structured so that no one gets anything above average and that the college is looking to do some targeted de-tenuring and RIFS. guess it's connected to KL's vision of a college with just lecturers and adjuncts.


Great post Webmaster.

Surreal talk at colloquiuum. First the spectacle of an aged white man trying to act hip by "moving" to a song from 1970.

A more apt Creedance song for OCC would have been "Bad Moon Rising."

The bad rising here would refer both to the campus climate (terror reigns) and the rise of lowered education. We need to worry about market share? Faculty, you know, those bums who are the reason students come and who actually do the educating which provides the revenue at the college, need to add something or all our students will go away?

Where? Online? That's a saturated market and I'm wondering when employers will realize that online degrees, at least as currently constructed, are not creating educated students.

I wish our administration wasn't so infatuated with the new: it's getting in the way of actual education.


The "Emporer's New Clothes" comes to life at OCC! Didn't any of King Jon's "handlers" tell him that he would look like a buffoon if he danced onstage? Honestly, who comes up with these ideas and then convinces King Jon to run with them? Isn't there anyone there to say, "you know, King Jon, you're taking a big risk of looking foolish if you dance onstage..."

Peanut Gallery. Crushed.

Too funny BSB. I thought he might be having some type of "episode." Interesting moves to be sure...

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