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The stuff Tina Kelly wrote about was COMMONLY reported while I was on the newspaper, yet, noone cared. Semester after semester, administration gave themselves a big raise, and jonboy an even bigger raise, noone cared. I'm not surprised it hasn't changed. We are stupid idiots who keep voting in the same retards (whether it be R or D) and we think it will change! HAHAHAHA.

John Di Rocco

Webmaster, Thank you for your nice comment and your wishes!
Tina,my Congratulations on your Retirement and also Congratulations to your,"Boss",Dr. Gerry!

Thank you also,for your wishes!

These 2 ladies are some of the other "good guys", that will certainly be missed on the OCC "Assylum" Campus!

I realized that it's nice to be able to be able to post here,(using my name)without fear of loosing my job!

Yesterday,I gave away my "60 to 1 Larson is done",magnet to someone else!(besides mine,I saw only one other on Campus!) SAD but understandable!

Retired Security Shift Sergeant John Di Rocco

Tina Kelly

My congratulations to John DiRocco on his retirement. I, today, also retired. While not faculty, I was an MT and have worked in the private and public sector over the years and have never met up with such obstacles as I have the past several years at OCC. While I only have been on staff for 7 years, that was certainly enough for me. We received no tools and very little support to do out jobs. After the "financial emergency", most of us were asked to do 2 or 3 jobs to take up the slack of the "restructuring". What I find most insulting is that, during the same year of the FE, the administrators not only gave themselves large raises, they also gave raises to all non-union personnel. I can go on and on and on. But, don't get me wrong, several people on campus are wonderful. But they are mostly low and middle level employees. The higher administrators are horrible, evil and very self-centered.


Congratulations on your retirement, John. You were one of the "good guys" around the OCC campus. We will miss you. Wishing you good health and much happiness in the future!

John Di Rocco

Today I ended my 15 Years at the OCC "ASSYLUM" (Yeah! I spelled it right!) What a pleasure knowing that I never have to go there again to deal with the "Den of OCC thieves" & "do-nothings"!

Retired Security Shift Sergeant John Di Rocco

Been here, done this

Dr. Teresa Sullivan has been reinstated as president of the University of Virginia. The Board there decided it could not bear the heat its actions ignited. Food for thought~



More on UVA...hmmmm, top-down management certainly sounds familiar. How long before the pendulum swings back?

Been Here, Done This

Haste makes waste. Sorry for the typo, Bebop.

Been Here, Done This

The article re Sullivan's ouster that appeared in the NEW YORK TIMES, was OK, but this is much more thorough. Thank you, Bepop.


The insidious degradations wrought upon colleges and universities by the "business model" finds an icon this week in the sudden ouster of the popular University of Virginia president Theresa Sullivan, through the plotting of a small group of Wall Street donors connected to the school of business.

Seems that leadership based on brilliance, collaboration, and incremental change was not excellent enough for the cabal controlling the Board at UVA. The sparse statement the Board released on the leadership change indicated that these times call for "strategic dynamism."

Don't strain yourselves, friends, in trying to understand the term. This is a "working within a matrix" kind of neologism, accessible only to narcissists, solipsists, hedge fund managers and derivative traders.

Among the many pieces I have read this week on the UVA affair, this one, by one of its faculty, stands apart:



Sounds like OCC!



I recall reading, O, this worthy post on Reilly's position posting down-thread (perhaps from you?).

As with the dreaded WMDs, the crisis of OCC's financial emergency was over before it began. The real threat, friends, lies in Weapons of Mass Deception.


Perhaps Reilly's job posting is a sign that the financial emergency is over. Perhaps he should be rehired since the excuse by the administration for his termination was a result of the elimination of his position?

Of course I am being facetious, but this point is too annoying to overlook!!!

disgusted & depressed

@BlueStateBlues, Dick has denied a great faculty tenure who does nothing but hit it out of the ballpark. It seems he is jealous and can't stand the competition. He is backed by the scum at OCC. When will this hell end?


Only 48% of those polled at OCC for the survey for the Chronicle responded and our results were "your employee ratings were not as favorable as some others". What a shock!

Did King Jon, dick, & Cruella really think that the survey would come back favorable? OCC is a miserable, awful place to work right now and it is because of the Evil Triumvirate that it is this way.

OCC somehow "gained from the experience" of these surveys. How so? Are the powers that be going to realize that they treat people like garbage and magically change? You reap what you sow and now the folks at the Chronicle know what miserable SOBs you all are.

What A MES(s)

The Dean of MESs also bad-mouths his faculty telling anyone who will listen that none of us can teach. He even bad-mouths us to adjuncts.

That's great leadership-must have gone to the FRS school of management.

Beyond Dazed and Confused in Toms River

Can't shed light on anything. I'm just writing to thank you Bebop for your insightful comments but more so for your humorous pithy comments that always makes me laugh. Laughing is good. The new normal indeed.
I'd like to think faculty would be more assertive at Colloquium but given the climate even if we would want to verbalize concerns and questions, I don't see it happening soon. That's too bad because it would put JL on the spot in front of the Board who attends.


We hear your pain, Wh' a Mes(s). Record every detail and save every e-mail.

Once you have a solid narrative on this bait-n-switch administrative practice, you can present it to Jon Larson at a "State of the College" colloquium production, as an homage to his Philosophy of Trust and Respect: "Trust exists whenever you let yourself be dependent on another person whose future behavior can affect your well-being."

@ Man O War: I don't know the status of the Joe Reilly position search. It does not appear among the 140 current position openings on the HR Jobs page, nor do I recall any announcement concerning the successful completion of the search. Anyone with an update on the status of this search?

One thing is certain: the flurry in administrative job openings, both in reconfigured and new positions, spells a jobs' boom at OCC--for all but educators. This is a foreboding of Larson's "new normal": Education without teachers.

What A MES(s)

The dean of math, engineering and science (mes) has a nasty habit of asking his faculty for their opinion and then punishing them if it differs from his opinion.

Dean: "Give me your honest feedbacks" (sic)

Translation: "Give me my opinion and no one will be hurt"

What a fraud.

Man O War

Reilly's job was just recently posted. TRUE. Wasn't the reason for Reilly's dismissal that his job was eliminated? Does Reilly know his job was posted? He should. Really. He really should because he really really should know, kind of pokes a big hole in the real reason for firing Reilly...


@ alienated

Next time a "Reply All" message annoys, seize the teaching moment with a targeted response to a single recipient, by clicking "Reply."


I know it's off-topic, but...
Will someone please teach employees at OCC how to use the "reply" instead of the "reply all" button?
The most recent e-mail re: FAOCC meetings is only the latest in a long history of e-mailed concerns (from faculty and administration) that were sent to any and everyone just to make a point (or see who can piss further!)
It makes OCC an even bigger joke as a workplace - stop it!


I agree with you Bebop and Beyond. If things do not improve by next year, I will not show up to graduation. A pay deduction is a small price to pay. They make me want to puke. I think more should consider this. We should not stand behind this President and VPAA. "Students, take the time to thank the faculty towards your left...they are not here to celebrate this occasion because we've been treating them like $7!8*."

Beyond Dazed and Confused in Toms River

Bravo and Amen, Bebop, for your well expressed spot on take.I would hope that at some point sooner than later, we cease to continue giving credence to this charade and as a unified group, leave en masse. What can they do to us if 60 people leave or dissent? It seems to me all we have left to fight with is our collective dignity. I seriously think we need to discuss this. Of course, there will be maybe four faculty lackeys who will stay and chastise their colleagues. Others will stay because they are just scared for their jobs.What a sad state of affairs and what a disgrace to higher education. Relevance, indeed.


@ "Why do we have to sit through all this BS?"

Our commencement ceremony rivals the production values of a North Korean stadium. The squad cars line up in a formation of force. The Militia Youth Group patrols the fairways. The self-made Kean authoritarian (write your own story, get your own parking space) extorts cheers by brandishing a speech binder. The DEP keynoter booms that the blowhard blasting a vicious assault on public educators is a do-the-right-thing sort of guy. The CEO of OCC exhorts the 99% that the college and the state owe them nothing (neither safe roads, clean air, nor a place in the soup line of this recessionary job market), betraying an appalling ignorance of the social contract underlying the success of public education.

Faculty sit through this, friends, as a rent-a-crowd or as potted plants adorning the platform production. Shame on us.

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