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who cares how he broke his "ankle" not his leg. jon did not break his leg idiot.. before you post something, get your facts straight!


I would love to re post this entry on my own website will that be okay


We all know, Anti Nazi, that Dick has the emotional bearing of a third-grade bully. He works hard, at every occasion, to affirm this attribute.

Nonetheless, your post reeks of wild speculation. Please provide context and evidence of your claims. ($20,000,000 of graft funds?) Otherwise, keep quiet.

Anti Nazi

Anyone notice the $20,000,000+ in unfunded maintenance throughout the campus? That's right folks, over $20,000,000+, and a revolving door of managers in Dicks constant poking restructuring. Who is next in line to put up with Dick's dripping funds here and there to fix massive breakdowns, what is Dick actually doing with that money, where is it going...the Caymans? Is that why he was boating, to get to his offshore money?

Waiting patiently

My fellow colleagues and friends, wishing you peace and good health in this terrible time where a lot of us have lost so much.....just devastating. sending you good thoughts and am regretful to have underestimated this storm. I could have, should

Waiting patiently

Faculty, let us brace for the storm with the predicted strong winds.... can this bring change to our leadership? Blow Sandy blow. On a serious note, I am taking measures to keep my home from flooding. Stay safe y'all.


Thank you for the great advise. Perhaps some miracle grow is necessary to grow the right genitals. Maybe If I could appeal to Miss Manners, I might have a chance with Dick? No pun intended.

Seen it all, etc...

Dear Roadkill: Excellent advice! You nailed it! Die hard Republican?Worships Christie?Collector of assorted coservative memorabilia and books by right wing talking heads? Anti- tenure but recently received it? backstabs FT faculty? Part of the hiring and firing decision process? Drinks and dinners with King Jon and his minions and the Adjunct Union honcho? Actually likes Miss Manners? Hmmmm...I think I might know one. Could it be... the uber Mole in Russell??

occ roadkill

Dear Muriel~

The first way to get ahead is to be born a man. The penis wields great power at OCC. It is like a magical light saber from star wars.

If you don't have a penis, be a republican. Conservative teacher-hating tenure-despising public rants will help solidify your dedication to the conservative cause. Having a shrine of Chris Christie will aid you here as well.

Bribery is another way to the top. King Jon loves his aged scotch, the pricier the better! Having dinner and luncheons with King Jon, Dick, and his lover Miss Manners is also a good move. Make sure you tell Janet she is very pretty and don't pay too much attention to Dick or show too much cleavage. Her majesty is a jealous shrew who cut you off at the knees if she has the opportunity.

Finally, trust no one. Most of the administration is a bunch of back stabbing liars. What they profess is true for that moment only.

I hope this tutorial will help you get ahead at OCC, but be careful of what you wish for!

Muriel the Mole

A great candidate with strong educational and curriculum experience was passed up for the DoA position. I'm can't say that I'm surprised though. Moles always seem to win. Does anyone know what it takes to be a mole these days? A non-tenured faculty would like to know.


This is what the people get when their pubic higher education goes Phoenix:
A workspace in which educators want no part.

sick n tired of it

Really tired of all the bull. Considering just leaving and starting over again.

The Truth Will Out

Whoever has the newsletter can leave copies on the table outside the School of Languages and the Arts office in the Russell building.

Whoever wants to read a copy can pick it up at will.

And BSB -- what you've heard is true. If the much vaunted civility codes don't apply here, they might as well be deleted. Though since they've been mainly used to harass innocent faculty that might be a good thing.

Seen it all, etc...

Hard to tell these days who supports who but it's highly doubtful the a-kissing Adjunct union loudmouth and his BFF The Mole would ever bash or disagree with King Jon and Co. The article is definitely inflammatory.While it attacks the theoretical idea of an open forum and bashes select candidates,can any of us say we buy in to the forum as an honest and legitimate attempt to involve faculty in decisions? I agree BSB that no one will or should offer ideas about degree programs to our new VP. From what I hear, she seems to be only interested in building her own empire and will do whatever is necessary to gain power including making empty promises to faculty and maybe even to administration. It really wouldn't surprise me if she eventually tries to throw her superiors under the bus. Oh happy day.




It was not my point at all, BSB, to suggest Dr. Wang's involvement in the newsletter. Sorry for the lack of clarity.

Dr. Wang has a copy of the newsletter, you can be sure, because its contributors savage her attempt at openness in the forum last week:

"Barnum and Bailey pale in comparison to the fiasco that took place this morning. When and where does faculty get to interview applicants for a Dean position other than in the confines of the search committee. [sic] Why should they??[sic]"

Michael Zahler goes on to assert that had the VPAA candidates been "on a stage and bombarded . . . as to their qualifications . . . [the outcome] may have turned out differently." In an even more tasteless exercise in ad hominem insinuation, the Adjunct Association President likens the decision making of the kind implicit in the Open Forum to that which takes place "in particular locations worldwide" where "individuality does not exist," echoing his earlier disparaging analogy to a "socialistic totalitarian state."

Dr. Wang did not approve this newsletter. Whoever did approve this has launched a venomous power struggle.


Good point, Bebop. If the newsletter goes out to the adjunct body then it has the tacit approval of the VPAA.

I hope she doesn't wonder why she gets very few responses to her email request.


Need a copy of the Adjunct Newsletter, BSB?

Ask Dr. Wang.


The adjunct newsletter that was released on Friday is alleged to have more full-time faculty bashing by the President of the adjunct union along with a cartoon by The Mole that mocks the public forum to "choose" the interim deans that occurred last week. The contents of the newsletter has the approval of dick. If this is not incivilliaty & bullying then I don't know what is.

Can anyone get a copy of this newsletter?

Hanging Around

BTDT, Educational background has never been a priority to OCC admin. If I'm not mistaken, Dick himself only holds a M.A. The only requirement necessary for management here is a master's in the degree of "brown stuff on your nose" and "betray your colleagues".

Been Here, Done This

Re: Dr. Jackson's appointment

Don't know the gentleman. Did review the posting regarding his educational background. Question: The requirement to even be an adjunct faculty member in the Humanities Department always was, at a minimum, an M. A. degree in the chosen specialty (literature, language, etc.) not a Masters of Education. Now we have as the interim dean of humanities an individual whose graduate degrees are in the education field, not an aforementioned humanities specialty. Why are square pegs being put into round holes? To paraphrase Shakespeare, Oh, OCC, what a falling off was there!

Seen it all, etc...

Anyone else notice that our fearless leader and Dick are out of sight lately??Or that our VPAA is doing the smoke and mirror shows, somtimes twice in one day touting exalted initiatives that will never happen and promising power we will never have, and negotiations that will be fruitful. I think she was most honest unwittingly when she announced the strategy of "I"m the good cop and he (Dick) is the bad cop." One can conclude it's a lame attempt to make us and Middle States think that things are peachy Kean@OCC. Remember that our partner school isn't only on the line for reporting deficiencies but for factious faculty/ admin relationships.


Ugh. I had heard that he had a PhD from Columbia U. This is cheesier than I even imagined.

Tunneler to the Stars

The softball: speaking of exaggerating one's credentials, The Mole's new friend received his Ed.D. in K-12 leadership.
Turns out his "management experience" as assistant director was part of his graduate student program, as his *student* biography suggests. His employment AFTER graduation ? http://tinyurl.com/8njslg2

Crushed Peanut Gallery

Maybe, BSB and fellow bloggers, that's why it's called a "transparent" forum. It was an obvious show to those who have been here too long and seen too much. I think it's all pretty sad.

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