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RnR express

Get a life. Who cares about this BS.


To make it even more clear, Connery is lying. I can see IP addresses. They are from the same person.


I just saw the comment and to make it clear I'm only one person not two different names. Somebody likes to play games. Whoever thinks this is funny is sick. Remember changing words and usernames around only shows how paranoid you are.

The Truth Will Out (Eventually)

And the "Their" Connery/Zoo keeper refers to is at least 60-1.

While the administration and its shills would like to wish away this vote of no confidence, it stands as evidence that a strong majority of tenured faculty believe all is not well at OCC. The sooner the board of trustees realizes this, the sooner the college can began improving.

Zoo keeper and Connery are one and the same

Here's your answer : Connery, this website only looks at their point of view but they are free to do so. You can do the same too. But be careful what you write down here.

Connery and Zoo Keeper are one and the same

One sided with one point of view. All Wong. What ever happened to free speech or freedom for that matter? Living in this world means everybody has a opinion even if you think it's Wong.

Buzzin' By

Suzanne: The note from that idiot Zahler disgusts me. You of all people don't deserve that tone of voice or his nasty comments which is typical of his erratic (wonder what that is from?!) and boorish behavior. He showed his true colors when Larson or anyone else did not tell or give him what he wanted. He is nothing more than a pathetic joke on campus and no one deals with him anymore but who cares since he's gone. Maybe someone should poke around the adjunct faculty associations expenditures to see where dues monies have gone to. No wonder he wants to keep his position as president. I'm sure an investigation will make his charges against Larson seem like a walk in the park.


You made a brave and sustained early contribution, Suzanne, in the history of "the good fight" at Ocean County College. You did so, moreover, without the shield of tenure or the support of professional camaraderie. Those of us who remember commend you for that courage.

It's bad enough that Mr. Zahler, now in your footsteps, does not recognize your prescience, worse yet that he goes and insults you for it.


Here is my original email:
Dear Three Musketeers,

Well, I won't bother to really say much, other than, why the sudden change in how you feel about Larsen? Is it because he finally bit you too hard? MOST of the things you have mentioned (with the exception of Pearson, because it happened after I left, and more importantly, after the adjunct faculty allowed a perfectly fine Professor lose the newspaper advisor spot) were mentioned and reported several times over, including filing of GRC complaints, the president's insane perks.
Why couldn't you have woken up years ago, and noticed the blatant theft from taxpayer's pockets then, was it because you were benefitting too much from them yourselves? I don't know about that answer.

Frank, I know you on a different level than the other two, and I appreciate you as a human being who is rational, so I can only assume you really weren't aware most of the charges made against Larsen are not new.

It would have been nice to have some support when all of these things originated.
That being said, let me offer some advice, why not try reaching out to some full time professors and collaborating with them as to your alternatives. You may not get anywhere, but it is worth a try. Do not attempt to reach out to Kirk Moore with APP if he still works there. He is great friends with the freeholders and you will get nowhere. You need to go to star-ledger if you want any movement on this, and contact the state attorney general's office about the pearson stuff.
And if my tone sounds bitter, it's not meant to be, but it certainly is sweet when the Lord lets you see his vengence.


Here is Zahler's response:
Ms Penna, you begin by saying that you will not say much, and then you launch into a diatribe about something that you know virtually nothing about. You mention that you had this information before, yet you did nothing about it. what you saw is the tip of the iceberg. You could not afford to research what we have unearthed, nor are you competent to use it in the correct manner. You mention that you filed GRCs; how many one, two, at the most, and OPRAs; how many? You mention an incident that happened years ago; let it go, or see a therapist. The next time you wish to vent write Frank, or better yet cry on his shoulder. You really should not meddle in affairs of which you are totally ignorant, nor concern yourself with matters that you abandoned years ago M. Zahler


Hi everyone. Yes, it's been a long time since I have posted. I'm long since sick of lack of change both at OCC and Ocean County, so instead of making myself sick I have stepped back, but someone sent me the most recent Adjunct newsletter, and I spoke with someone who has a family member employed as a full-time lecturer (what in the world is that)! So in response, I sent a letter to the three officers of the Adjunct faculty and Mr. Zahler's response is included for your perusal: And if my tone sounds bitter, it's not meant to be, but it certainly is sweet when the Lord lets you see his vengence.


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While Pearson reps were promoting books at department meetings today, administrators were meeting with Pearson higher ups to be conned into recklessly spending more OCC money on "learning" contracts and other senseless programs.Wonder if Pearson went through the bidding process. I think the adjunct newsletter article questioning our this love affair with Pearson has it right.


The "Titans of Business" running down our colleges and universities, Truth Out, have yet to learn the lesson of the recent debacle in the financial and housing mortgage industries: "Greed is Good" thinking destroys the sustaining structures of the economy, not to mention the very system that rewards self-interest.

College presidents selling the public trust to any carpetbagger with a learning module eviscerate public education the same way derivative traders rip the stomach out of the market economy and profiteers of carbon fuels and hydrofracking disembowel the eco-system.

Noam Chomsky is among the clearest thinkers on the lethality of the "Titans of Business":


The Truth Will Out (Eventually)

Pearson (who manages our DL courses) has a financial incentive to go after on campus students and convert them to online students: they are now receiving, I believe, over 50% of the tuition of our online students. OCC supplies Pearson with additional monies to recruit students – including those currently registered and taking on campus classes.

We're cutting our own throat. Why? Why would this be considered a good business model? College presidents of public institutions are not CEOs: if they were, they’d be the head of a corporation. The problem is, some think of themselves as “Titans of Business” and thus get into trouble by agreeing to contracts that end up hurting their own core “market.”


The link you posted works, WTF.


And finally, it seems that the link to the Chronicle's Higher Education survey no longer works.

You folks have any luck?


Buzzin' By

Regarding the Chronicle's survey. Maybe OCC falls short on "pride," but on management hubris --we're over the top.

Troll, get a life or get some help in the Writing Lab. It's painful to read your posts. Oh, and manners would be nice too. We may express our disappointment in management and we may even disagree with our fellow bloggers at times but we keep it all on a civil level.

WTF (this is getting old)

WTF Troll?

For someone who's intemperate and who keeps stealing identities, our cute little troll has some nerve calling other people rats.

It's clear why he/she fits with the current regime: lack of imagination, and poor communication skills. Perfect "skills" for a lacky.

Troll 6.0 (more unintelligible postings)

What a load a crap all of you are! Most of all calling me troll! Take a look at yourself. The losers club! Rat central here! Traitor's are us. The list goes on and on. Webmaster head troll who gives more than really works for. You can all go to hell!!!!


Truth is tonic, lies toxic.

“If you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later.”

― Lewis Carroll

Buzzin' By

From OCC's Mission on our New Website: Read it and Weep:

A respect and an appreciation for cultural diversity
A climate of civility and courtesy
A family spirit in an intellectual community
A collaborative, creative, and team-spirited approach to leadership
The highest personal and institutional integrity

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Bebop, Yes, I did see that report KT sent to us and you are correct but I'm still down in the dumps no pun intended. I almost forgot to mention that every now and then Larson claims either in colloquium or his occasional faculty meetings that OCC is one of the top ten (maybe 5 --not sure)community colleges in the nation. What's he reading? What's he smoking? We know he isn't drinking the pricey scotch he used to regularly receive from his ex BFF Zahler. Anyone read the adjunct newsletter on their website regarding Pearson costs and Larsons spending habits with his OCC credit card? It pales though in comparison to what defines the Larson Reign: LIES AND HYPOCRISY.


The raw data, BB, stand with the hypocrisy consensus you took away from your chat with colleagues yesterday afternoon.

The OCC results in The Chronicle’s 2012 Benchmark Survey of Great Colleges, to which Kathy Tietge linked in a recent campus e-mail broadcast to FAOCC members, become even more appalling when set next to the record of Larson’s self-promotional pronouncements. We can start with a small sample from the fourteen characteristics of “great colleges to work for”:

Teaching Environment: Carnegie Benchmark--66% OCC--36%

The Einstein epigram adorning Larson’s profile photo on the Cruiser log-on page reads, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

Pride: Carnegie Benchmark--80% OCC--53%

Beneath the screen shot of Larson’s photo, on the redesigned college slide show, the president proclaims, “We are proud to say we are Ocean County’s College.”

Senior Leadership: Carnegie Benchmark--64% OCC--33%

Headlining the scores of bullet points identify Larson’s Management Philosophy, which some of us were handed more than ten years back, is his Golden Rule: “Manage Others as You Would Like to Be Managed.”

Buzzin' By

After speaking with some colleagues this afternoon, I came home feeling hopeless and fed up with the hypocrisy of Larson's claims of wanting an exceptional faculty and administrative leadership team while doing everything possible to dismantle any semblance of excellence at OCC. Case in point: Overworked and exploited lecturers, frustrated beaten down full time tenured faculty and the constant creation of useless layers of administrative positions. I can hardly wait to see the newest lineup of deanlets. As usual, search committee members are wasting their time since the VPAA apparently has already made her choices in the form of her latest initiative: The OCC Recycling Program: Garbage in, garbage out, bring back garbage. Sign outside of Admin Bldg: "Highly qualified and experienced candidates, external or internal, need not apply."


We need more than word games, Nepos and my other thoughtful colleagues, to get at the deep structural shift underway in the Larson Reeducation Model for Teachers:

“These boys and girls enter our organizations [at] ten[der] years of age, and often for the first time get a little fresh air [from steady teaching schedules and bi-weekly bank deposits]; after four years of the Young Folk they go on to the . . . [extended contingent contract], where we have them for another four years . . . And even if they are still not complete . . . [compliant support staff], they go to [probationary] Labor Service and are smoothed out there . . . . And whatever class consciousness or social status [of aspiring tenured faculty] might still be left . . . the Wehrmacht will take care of that.”

--Adolf Hitler (1938)

Swamp Ophelia

Flummoxed, BB. Please reread my original post. I've said what I came to say. It is Larson and the admin who insist that the Lecturers are not faculty. But even they cannot keep it straight.

Who is observing the lecturers? Does anyone know? The whole observation thing is a case in point. It ought to be the other way around. Check, Cornelius Nepos. Turn the tables back around is a good way to put it.

Back to floating in the mire.

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