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Paul Revere

The time has come for an alliance between the adjunct union, and the OCCFA.

Signed, CATO.

Tina Kelly

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year back @ you John Di Rocco. Hope you're enjoying your retirement as much as I am...

John Di Rocco

The December Adjuncts Newsletter is now up on the Adjunct's Website!

My recent Posts here, have all been removed! (I'm wondering if this one will be removed also?) Merry Christmas - Happy New Year!

Buzzin' By

The Adjunct Newsletter has some good information and documentation of allegations. It's also decently written which means none of the officers (now down to two) could have written it since they can't string a cogent thought together on paper). But, one has to wonder about loyalty. That Little Man on Campus, Zahler, who for years plied and played JL and Co.with pricey scotch and expensive dinners, probably on adjunct dues, now is not getting what he wants. Is he looking for support and sympathy from us pigs? I for one am not feeling sorry for him. What goes around...

Hang Em High

Bwahhhaaaaa! I guess no more intimate cruises on the bay,to see the twinkling lights of the Gateway Building! "Hell hath no fury..." LOL!

Exit OCC

O my god. Now this is news. Thank you webmaster.

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